Insecta matsumurana. New series : journal of the Faculty of Agriculture Hokkaido University, series entomology.;New Series 68


Redescription of Symbiopsocus hastatus Mockford (Psocodea: "Psocoptera": Psocidae), with first description of female and comments on the genus.

Yoshizawa, Kazunori;Mockford, Edward L.;Yoshizawa, Kazunori;Mockford, Edward L.

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Symbiopsocus hastatus was described based only on two males from Kunashiri Island. Here we redescribe the species based on the specimens collected throughout the Japanese Archipelago, with first description of females. Morphological examinations showed that the species is closely related to Mecampsis multimacularis Li from China. The type species of Mecampsis is endemic to Chile and, except for 10 Chinese species described recently, distributional ranges of all the species are restricted to South America and the Greater Antilles. These distributional areas of Mecampsis are widely disjunct and thus assignments of the Chinese species to this genus are highly questionable. Rather, judging from the phallosomal and hypandrial apomorphies, closer relationship between the Chinese Mecampsis with Symbiopsocus is likely. Therefore, all the Chinese species of Mecampsis are here transferred to Symbiopsocus. Symbiopsocus sturmi (Badonnel) is transferred back to its original genus, Psocomesites.