Japanese Journal of Veterinary Research;Volume 64 Supplement 2


Pharmacokinetics of cefquinome following multiple doses intramuscular administration in goats using HPLC

Hamed, Eslam;Mahmoud, Fagr A;Altohamy, Dlia E

Permalink : http://hdl.handle.net/2115/62018
KEYWORDS : Cefquinome;multiple doses;pharmacokinetics;goats


Pharmacokinetics of cefquinome was investigated in goats following multiple IM doses (2mg/Kg) for 3 successive days using HPLC. The plasma concentration time data was best fitted by two compartment model demonstrating the presence of absorption, distribution and elimination phases. The maximum plasma concentrations (Cmax) following multiple IM administration were 3.66±0.03, 4.46±0.12 and 5.16±0.14 attained at Tmax of 2 hours and declined to (Cmin) 0.5±0.04 , 0.7±0.03 and 0.86±0.04 μg/ml at 24 h post drug administration in the first , second and third days respectively. Cefquinome was eliminated with half-life values (t o.5 el) of 6.13±0.54, 7.26±0.31 and 7.52±0.65 h in the first, second and third days post IM administration respectively. Cefquinome had a slight cumulative effect following repeated intramuscular administration and the repeated intramuscular injection of cefquinome at a dose of 2mg/kg with 24 h interval met pharmacokinetic–pharmacodynamic criteria predicting a successful therapy for susceptible bacteria with MIC ≤ 0.39 μg /mL.