Japanese Journal of Veterinary Research;Volume 64 Supplement 2


Association of polymorphisms in kappa casein gene with milk traits in Holstein Friesian cattle

Awad, Ashraf;El Araby, Iman E.;El-Bayomi, Khairy M.;Zaglool, Asmaa W.

Permalink : http://hdl.handle.net/2115/62028
KEYWORDS : Holstein Friesian cattle;Milk traits;Kappa casein gene;PCR-RFLP


The genetic polymorphism of milk proteins can be a useful guide for selection and an informative marker in breeding research. Kappa casein (CSN3) is a standout amongst the most vital milk proteins in the mammals that assumes a crucial part in the milk quality and coagulation. Considering polymorphism of CSN3 and its relationship with milk characteristics in Holstein Friesian cattle was the target of the current study. The PCRRFLP utilizing Hind III endonuclease enzyme and DNA sequencing were performed on DNA samples extracted from fifty animals. Restriction digestion analysis of 633bp PCR product indicated two genotypes AA (uncut 633 bp), and AB (633, 416, and 217 bp) with higher frequency of A allele (0.80) than B allele (0.20). Animals with AB genotypes had a significantly higher milk yield and SNF % (10724 and 9.26%, respectively), whereas animals with AA genotype had a superior estimate effect on fat (3.36%) and proteins (3.14%). Comparison of the nucleotide sequences between different genotypes revealed only one nucleotide changes (A405G), corresponding to the same amino acid residue alanine. Molecular selection for animals carrying the B allele could impact breeding programs for dairy production in Egypt.