Publications from the Akkeshi Marine Biological Station;No.15


Notes on the Morphology of an Apodous Holothurian, Scoliodotella uchidai

OGURO, Chitaru

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The present study concerns the internal morphology and histology of an apodous holothurian, Scoliodotella uchidai. Although the followings are noticeable features in this species, the general organization is along the line of the other apodous species ; unique combination of the alimentary canal and the mesenteries, non-winding small intestine, lack of outer connective tissue layer in the alimentary canal, and only one polian vesicle and stone canal. In recent years works were only fragmental in the field of holothurian morphology (Filice, 1950 ; Millott, 1950, 1953 ; Smith, 1962), though considerable number of inclusive works were carried out on this subject several decades ago (cf. Hyman, 1955 ; Ludwig, 1889/1892). Recently the author described an apodous holothurian, Scoliodotella uchidai, as a new species belonging to a new genus in Chiridotinae, based mainly on endoskeletal ossicles and oral podia (Oguro, 1961). It seemed, however, that more detailed description on the species is desirable. Since that the author has had opportunities to collect the specimens enough to study. The following is a brief account of the morphological studies on Scoliodotella uchidai, done in order to give a supplementary information on this species.