Journal of the Faculty of Humanities and Human Sciences - Volume 16

Historical Shifts in Hanzi Glyphs : Changed and Unchanged Glyphs in the Hanzi Normative Glyphs (HNG) Database

Saiki, Masanao;Ikeda, Shoju

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JaLCDOI :  10.14943/jfhhs.16.1
KEYWORDS : Hanzi; Changʼan Court Handwritten Sutras; Kaicheng Stone Classics; Song Printed Works; Standard Glyphs


This paper uses the Hanzi Normative Glyphs (HNG) to discuss about two issues. (1) The extent of the difference between the “Early Tang Standard” and the “Kaicheng Standard”. (2) The extent to which printed works from the Song Dynasty implement the “Kaicheng Standard” Hanzi glyphs. In doing so, it will serve as an empirical evaluation of the Ishizuka Model of glyph change. This study uses 3 Early Tang Standard texts, 1 Kaicheng Standard text, and 8 Song printed works among 64 texts, which are available as of September 2010 in HNG. The conclusions are as follows: (1) As regards the extent of the difference in Hanzi glyphs between the Early Tang Standard and the Kaicheng Standard, there was a 40% difference in the number of differing glyphs and a 30% difference in the cumulative total number of glyphs. (2) Then, as regards the extent to which the Song printed works implement the Kaicheng Standard, the rate is over 80% in terms of both number of differing glyphs and cumulative total of glyphs.