Physics of Ice Core Records / edited by Takeo Hondoh

Proceedings    ( issued)

Nature and behavior of dislocations in ice PDF
Hondoh, Takeo 3-24
The vibrational spectra of ice Ih and polar ice PDF
Fukazawa, Hiroshi;Mae, Shinji 25-42
Crystallographic analysis of the Dome Fuji ice core PDF
Azuma, Nobuhiko;Wang, Yun;Yoshida, Yasuo;Narita, Hideki;Hondoh, Takeo;Shoji, Hitoshi;Watanabe, Okitsugu 45-61
Preliminary analysis of ice cores from Siple Dome, West Antarctica PDF
Gow, Anthony J.;Engelhardt, Hermann 63-82
Flow rates and crystal orientation fabrics in compression of polycrystalline ice at low temperatures and stresses PDF
Jacka, Tim H.;Jun, Li 83-102
Deformation and dynamic recrystallization of ice in polar ice sheets PDF
Duval, Paul 103-113
Diffusion of stable isotopes in polar firn and ice : the isotope effect in firn diffusion PDF
Johnsen, Sigfús J.;Clausen, Henrik B.;Cuffey, Kurt M.;Hoffmann, Georg;Schwander, Jakob;Creyts, Timothy 121-140
Isotope studies of a snow layer in a temperate region : isotope balance and temporal change PDF
Nakawo, Masayoshi;Hashimoto, Shigemasa;Ageta, Yutaka;Miyazaki, Nobuo 141-151
Electrical stratigraphy of polar ice cores : principles, methods, and findings PDF
Wolff, Eric 155-171
Measurement of electrical conductance in ice cores by AC-ECM method PDF
Sugiyama, Ken;Fujita, Shuji;Narita, Hideki;Mae, Shinji;Hondoh, Takeo;Goto-Azuma, Kumiko;Fisher, David A.;Koerner, Roy M. 173-184
A summary of the complex dielectric permittivity of ice in the megahertz range and its applications for radar sounding of polar ice sheets PDF
Fujita, Shuji;Matsuoka, Takeshi;Ishida, Toshihiro;Matsuoka, Kenichi;Mae, Shinji 185-212
Reconstruction of past atmospheric CO2 concentrations by ice core analyses PDF
Stauffer, Bernhard;Jürg, Tschumi 217-241
Paleoclimatic reconstructions based on borehole temperature measurements in ice sheets : possibilities and limitations PDF
Salamatin, Andrey N. 243-282
Physical modeling of the densification of snow/firn and ice in the upper part of polar ice sheets PDF
Arnaud, Laurent;Barnola, Jean M.;Duval, Paul 285-305
Gas enclosure in ice : age difference and fractionation PDF
Blunier, Thomas;Schwander, Jakob 307-326
Air bubbles and air-hydrate crystals in the Vostok ice core PDF
Lipenkov, Vladimir Ya. 327-358
Microscopic observations of air hydrate inclusions in deep ice core samples PDF
Shoji, Hitoshi;Miyamoto, Atsushi;Kipfstuhl, Josef;Langway, Chester C., Jr. 363-371
Chemical physics of air clathrate hydrates PDF
Kuhs, Werner F.;Klapproth, Alice;Chazallon, Bertrand 373-392
Diffusion of air molecules in polar ice sheets PDF
Ikeda, Tomoko;Salamatin, Andrey N.;Lipenkov, Vladimir Ya.;Hondoh, Takeo 393-421
Laboratory stydies on air-hydrate crystals PDF
Uchida, Tsutomu;Hondoh, Takeo 423-457