Journal of the Faculty of Science, Hokkaido University. Series 4, Geology and mineralogy

Vol.15, No.3-4    (1972-06 issued)

Permian Davidsoniacea from the Southern Kitakami Mountains, Japan PDF
Nakamura, Koji 361-425
Anidanthus and Megousia (Brachiopoda) from the Permian of Japan and Cambodia PDF
Nakamura, Koji 427-445
The Ultrastructure of the Mineral in and the Construction of the Crossed-Lamellar Layer in Molluscan Shell PDF
Uozumi, Satoru;Iwata, Keiji;Togo, Yoshihiro 447-477
Discovery of Uralian Fusulinids from the Upper Permian Conglomerate in the Southern Kitakami Mountains, Japan PDF
Choi, Dong Ryong 479-491
Pollen Assemblage of Peat Intercalated in the Shadai and the Morino Volcanic Group, Pleistocene in Age PDF
Kumano, Sumio;Igarashi, Yaeko 493-500
Permian Corals of Miharanoro (An Upper Palaeozoic Fauna from Miharanoro, Hiroshima Prefecture, Japan. 4th Note) PDF
Kato, Makoto 501-512
Palynological Study of the Kuji Group in Northeastern Honshu, Japan PDF
Miki, Akio 513-604
The Hatchashinai Gravel Formation PDF
Minato, M.;Fujiwara, Y.;Kumano, S.;Igarashi, Y. 605-615
A Palaeomagnetic Study of the Pyroclastic Flows in the Shikotsu and Noboribetsu Area : Palaeomagnetic Studies of the Pliocene and Pleistocene Volcanic Products in Hokkaido, 1st Report PDF
Fujiwara, Yoshiki 617-624
Classification and Phylogeny of Genus Misellina with Description of Some Misellina from the Lower Permian in the Southern Kitakami Mountains, Japan PDF
Choi, Dong Ryong 625-646
Sull' Eruzione del Vulcano Komagataké (Hokkaido) Del 1929 PDF
Nappi, Giovanni 647-677
Stratigraphy of the Quaternary Ash and Pumiceous Products in Southwestern Hokkaido, N. Japan (The Pliocene and Quaternary Geology of Hokkaido, 1st Report) PDF
Minato, M.;Hashimoto, S.;Fujiwara, Y.;Kumano, S.;Okada, S. 679-736