Journal of the Faculty of Humanities and Human Sciences - Volume 17

Ellipsis Constructions in Ukrainian : A Verbal Complex Perspective

Karbovnycha, Anna

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JaLCDOI :  10.14943/jfhhs.17.1


This study explores the structure of Ukrainian verbal complex and elliptical constructions, specifically object gapping (OG) constructions. Building on the previous research on the topic of OG constructions (Gribanova (2013), Baylin (2017), Landau (2020)) and exploring the two main approaches, the V-stranding VP-ellipsis analysis (VSVPE) and the argument ellipsis (AE) analysis, this study proposes that Ukrainian has both V-raising and T-lowering, assuming the Split-TP Hypothesis (Pollock, 1989). Furthermore, it is argued that OG constructions in Ukrainian present an instance of AE.