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渡慶次, 学 (2013) 研究室だより:北海道大学大学院工学研究院生物機能高分子部門 渡慶次研究室. 電気学会論文誌E, 133(11): NL11_1-NL11_1
北海道大学大学院工学研究院生物機能高分子部門 渡慶次研究室の研究内容の紹介
久本, 秀明... [et al.] (2003) チップ内マルチイオンセンシングを目指したセグメントフロー : 多相流形成の基礎検討. 電気学会論文誌E, 123(4): 124-127
A new fluid flow inside the microchannel was successfully developed. The flow created here involves ....
比企, 伸一郎... [et al.] (2003) デスクトップ熱レンズ顕微鏡の開発. 分析化学, 52(8): 569-574
A desktop-sized thermal lens microscope (DT-TLM) having high sensitivity and wide applicability was ....
比企, 伸一郎... [et al.] (2007) 紫外励起熱レンズ顕微鏡/液体クロマトグラフィーを用いるペプチドの無標識高感度検出. 分析化学, 56(1): 1-7
A UV excitation thermal-lens microscope (UV-TLM) with an excitation beam wavelength of 266 nm and li....
舘, 知也... [et al.] (2007) マイクロチップイムノアッセイ. 分析化学, 56(7): 521-534
Microchip-based immunoassay, which is immunoassay performed on a microchip, has recently been used i....
井上, 陽介... [et al.] (2009) カップ積層型カーボンナノチューブの発光現象とマイクロチップ電気泳動への応用. 分析化学, 58(6): 517-521
Microchip electrophoresis (MCE) is one of the most suitable methods for biomolecular separation and ....
岡本, 行広... [et al.] (2015) マイクロ抽出場によるヒト腫瘍細胞由来のマイクロRNA抽出法. 分析化学, 64(1): 9-13
The importance of micro RNA analysis has been significantly increasing because the role of micro RNA....
PAULINA DUHITA ANINDITA (2017) Development and Implementation of a Compound Screening Assay to Identify Antivirals against Rabies Virus.
BWALYA, EUGENE CHISELA (2017) Disease Modifying Osteoarthritic Drug, Pentosan Polysulfate Sodium Modulates Cytokine-Induced Osteoarthritic Changes and Promotes Articular Cartilage Tissue Regeneration in vitro.
Yoshida, Yasuko... [et al.] (2010) A Probe Containing Two Base-discriminating Fluorescent (BDF) Nucleosides for SNP Typing. Chemistry Letters, 39(2): 116-117
We have developed a new probe containing two base-discriminating fluorescent (BDF) nucleosides for s....


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