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Noguchi, So... [et al.] (2019) A simple screening current-induced magnetic field estimation method for REBCO pancake coils. Superconductor science and technology, 32(4): 045007
The development of NMR/MRI REBa2Cu3Oy (REBCO, RE = rare earth) magnets is happening all over the wor....
Togo, Ren... [et al.] (2019) Detection of gastritis by a deep convolutional neural network from double-contrast upper gastrointestinal barium X-ray radiography. Journal of Gastroenterology, 54(4): 321-329
Background Deep learning has become a new trend of image recognition tasks in the field of medicine.....
Klien, Susanne (2016) Reinventing Ishinomaki, Reinventing Japan? Creative Networks, Alternative Lifestyles and the Search for Quality of Life in Post-growth Japan. Japanese Studies, 36(1): 39-60
This article aims to give an outline of recent developments in Ishinomaki, one of the worst affected....
小林, 拓矢 (2018) Microscopic Study of Organic Superconductors near Antiferromagnetic Insulating Phase by 13C NMR Spectroscopy. 北海道大学. 博士(理学)
Hamanaka, Yoshitaka... [et al.] (2019) Tyrosine hydroxylase-immunoreactive neurons in the mushroom body of the field cricket, Gryllus bimaculatus. Cell and tissue research, 376(1): 97-111
The mushroom body of the insect brain participates in processing and integrating multimodal sensory ....
池田, 悠... [et al.] (2020) 加藤智章教授の経歴と業績. 北大法学論集, 70(6): 293-311
齊藤, 正彰 (2020) 常本照樹教授の経歴と業績. 北大法学論集, 70(6): 267-292
菅澤, 紀生 (2020) 公法判例研究. 北大法学論集, 70(6): 245-265
池田, 杏奈 (2020) 刑事判例研究. 北大法学論集, 70(6): 219-243
山﨑, 皓介 (2020) 公法判例研究. 北大法学論集, 70(6): 175-217


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