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How to deposit your doctoral dissertation in HUSCAP

Since April 2013, candidates of a doctoral degree are obliged to deposit and publish their doctoral dissertation in HUSCAP.
Doctors who were granted their degree before April 2013 are not required to deposit their dissertation in HUSCAP, but can do so.

Candidates who intended to be conferred the doctoral degree after April 2014

Candidates are obliged to deposit and publish their dissertation in HUSCAP and are supposed to submit a pdf version of their dissertation to their graduate school office. After the submitting, dissertations are sent to Hokkaido University Library and registered in HUSCAP.

How to deposit

Hand in your dissertation to your graduate school office by the proper format. Hokkaido University Library registers your dissertation in HUSCAP.

Contact the helpline about publishing your doctoral dissertation in HUSCAP

If you have any questions or any problems with making your work openly available online via HUSCAP, the helpline can provide you with assistance.
If you published an article in a scholarly journal and included it in your dissertation, or if you are planning to publish your dissertation as a book or as a scholarly journal article, you must confirm the publisher's policy regarding this matter.

More details are described in below.

Doctors who were conferred the doctoral degree before April 2014

Their dissertations are kept at the National Diet Library and at the graduate school that receives it in accordance with the Regulations on Academic Degrees and other relevant stipulations. However, prospective students and researchers in the same fields of specialty have limited access to those dissertations.
Why not publish your dissertation online via HUSCAP to make it accessible to as many interested readers as possible?

We will store academic work electronically and release it to the general public, enabling it to be passed down to future generations as valuable research output from the university. We hope authors will deposit their papers.

How to deposit

After receiving your degree, send an electronic file of your dissertation and a Letter of Consent for Thesis Registration to Hokkaido University Library.

  • An electronic file of your dissertation
    Attach the file to an e-mail and send it to: repo [at] If the file size is too large to send by e-mail, send a CD-R or similar together with the Letter of Consent for Thesis Registration via the HU Campus Mail Service.
  • A Letter of Consent for Thesis Registration
    Word / PDF
    Mail the Letter of Consent for Thesis Registration to the HUSCAP team at Hokkaido University Library via the HU Campus Mail Service (学内便 "Gakunaibin", Mail no.1).
  • Before sending your work, please consult your supervisor about the registration and obtain the approval of the Chief Thesis Examination Officer. (In some cases, public release via HUSCAP should be withheld for reasons such as pending patent schedules, journal contribution, thesis publication, etc.)
  • The work of authors who submit reprints from their papers published in journals for their degrees may not be published as-is via HUSCAP because of publisher's copyright restrictions. In such cases, Hokkaido University Library will conduct the necessary investigation and discuss the results with authors.

Further help and information

HUSCAP Team (Hokkaido University Library)
E-mail: huscap [at]
Ext.: 4741, 4025


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