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Why not publish your article online?

The Hokkaido University Collection of Scholarly and Academic Papers (HUSCAP) is an online system that comprehensively collects, preserves and disseminates, in digital form, research achievements such as papers produced by Hokkaido University's faculty members.

Why not publish your academic work online via HUSCAP to make it accessible to as many interested readers as possible?

How to deposit your work in HUSCAP

The University Library HUSCAP Team offers a mediated deposit service.

Attach the file of your research to an e-mail and send it to:
repo [at]


HUSCAP team will register your research to HUSCAP and offer public access to it only after checking the publisher's copyright policy on open-access archiving.

What kinds of research does HUSCAP collect?

  • Journal articles
  • Books
  • Chapters in books
  • Conference papers (and PowerPoint displays)
  • Reports
  • Educational material
  • Doctoral Dissertations, etc.

Doctoral Dissertations in HUSCAP

Since April 2013, candidates of a doctoral degree are obliged to deposit and publish their doctoral dissertation in HUSCAP.
Doctors who were granted their degree before April 2013 are not required to deposit their dissertation in HUSCAP, but can do so.

More details are described in below:


Post to HUSCAP

Further help and information

HUSCAP Team (Hokkaido University Library)
E-mail: huscap [at]
Ext.: 4741, 4025


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