Japanese Journal of Veterinary Research

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The Japanese Journal of Veterinary Research (JJVR) has stopped publishing a print edition with volume 70 and became a fully electronic journal.
It is also newly available on J-STAGE (by the Japan Science and Technology Agency) from Volume 71, Number 1.
JJVR URL: https://www.jstage.jst.go.jp/browse/jjvr

Volume 71 Number 3    (2024-02-27 issued)


The value of evaluating luteal blood flow on the day of embryo transfer for recipient selection in Holstein lactating dairy cows PDF
Tanida, Takashi;Mukono, Itsuro;Nakahashi, Mikiko;Miyano, Daiki;Miyazawa, Kurumi;Yanagawa, Yojiro;Katagiri, Seiji 72-81
Investigation of the subchronic effects of low-dose pesticide mixture on rat testes PDF
Ömür, Ali Doğan;Sevim, Çiğdem;Sağlam, Yavuz Selim;Bolat, İsmail;Genç, Sıdıka;Yeni, Yeşim;Aydın, Mehmet Akif;Sunar, Serhat;Koçak, Gökhan;Akarsu, Serkan Ali 82-94
Determination of Leptospiral antigens in naturally infected canine uterus by immunohistochemical immunofluorescence and ELISA methods PDF
Bolat, Ismail;Saglam, Yavuz Selim;Cengiz, Seyda;Yildirim, Serkan 95-108


Evaluation of the biofilm detection capacity of the Congo Red Agar method for bovine mastitis-causing bacteria PDF
Mori, Shunsuke;Yamada, Atsumi;Kawai, Kazuhiro 109-116