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  • ・Vol. 1 : 獸醫學研究 (ISSN: 0439-3457 (Print))
    ・Vol. 2- : Japanese Journal of Veterinary Research(ISSN 0047-1917 (Print))
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The Japanese Journal of Veterinary Research (JJVR) has stopped publishing a print edition with volume 70 and became a fully electronic journal.
It is also newly available on J-STAGE (by the Japan Science and Technology Agency) from Volume 71, Number 1.
JJVR URL: https://www.jstage.jst.go.jp/browse/jjvr

Volume 71, Number 1    (2023-08-30 issued)


In vitro chondrotoxicity of bupivacaine at low concentrations in cultured canine articular chondrocytes PDF
Mwale, Carol;Sunaga, Takafumi;Wang, Yanlin;Bwalya, Eugene C.;Wijekoon, H. M. Suranji;Kim, Sangho;Okumura, Masahiro 1-11
Morphofunctional changes in the canine thyroid gland under low-intensity radiation exposure PDF
Dubova, Oksana;Dubovyi, Anatolyi;Goralska, Irina;Zaika, Svitlana;Kovalova, Liudmyla 12-19


Computed tomography and magnetic resonance imaging findings with left adrenal pheochromocytoma infiltrating the spinal canal and the liver metastases in a dog PDF
Mizutani, Shinya;Mizutani, Yuko;Satoh, Hiroyuki;Goda, Yoshimichi;Asanuma, Taketoshi;Torisu, Shidow 20-26
Expression profiles of TWEAK and Fn14 genes in the duodenal and colonic mucosae of dogs with chronic enteropathy PDF
Microsoft Word XML(Supplemental data)
Microsoft Word XML(Supplemental data)
Furukawa, Rintaro;Furuya, Keiko;Hara, Yuna;Nishimura, Rinka;Shingaki, Tomoaki;Kondo, Hirotaka;Kimura, Junpei;Ohmori, Keitaro 27-34