Japanese Journal of Veterinary Research

Volume 50, Number 1    (2002-05 issued)

Excystation of Haplorchis taichui metacercariae could be elicited by change in pH PDF
OOI, Hong Kean;CHEN, Ching-I;OKU, Yuzaburo 3-7
Seroprevalence and molecular evidence for the presence of bovine immunodeficiency virus in Brazilian cattle PDF
MEAS, Sothy;RUAS, Farias Jeronimo;USUI, Tatsufumi;TERAOKA, Yoshiyuki;MULENGA, Albert;CHANG, Kyung-Soo;MASUDA, Aoi;MADRUGA, Claudo Roberto;OHASHI, Kazuhiko;ONUMA, Misao 9-16
Efficiency of fecal steroid hormone measurement for assessing reproductive function in the Hokkaido brown bear (Ursus arctos yesoensis) PDF
ISHIKAWA, Akiko;KIKUCHI, Sae;KATAGIRI, Seiji;SAKAMOTO, Hideyuki;TAKAHASHI, Yoshiyuki 17-27
Cellular localization of the diazepam binding inhibitor in the mouse gastrointestinal tract and nervous system with special reference to coexistence with fatty acid binding protein PDF
YANASE, Haruko 29-30
Novel methods for diagnosis and treatment of obesity in dogs PDF
ISHIOKA, Katsumi 30-31
Up-regulation of mitochondrial uncoupling proteins by stimulation of nuclear and β-adrenergic receptors in L6 myotubes PDF
NAGASE, Itsuro 31-32
Reverse genetics of influenza virus and its application PDF
WATANABE, Tokiko 33-34
Augmentation of natural immune response by orally administered cytokines expressed in transgenic plants PDF
OHYA, Kenji 34-35
Studies on porcine interleukin-18 and interleukin-1β converting enzyme PDF
MUNETA, Yoshihiro 35-36
Pathogenesis of gastroenteropathy in Taenia taeniaeformis larval infections PDF
LAGAPA, Jose Trinipil G. 36-37
Functional studies and genetic analysis of macrophage nitric oxide production in mice PDF
Gene Penaflor Ables 37-38
Differential effect of the combination of Kit^W or Kit^<W-v> mutant Allele and the Kit^S allele derived from Mus spretus on male hybrid sterility PDF
Samir Ahmed Mohamed El-Shazly 38-39
Studies on the mechanism of oxidative damage in erythrocytes of dogs infected with Babesia gibsoni PDF
OTSUKA, Yayoi 40-41
Molecular analysis of activating factors for proliferation of JC virus : influence on JCV promoter by human T-lymphotropic virus type I (HTLV-I) Tax, and function of JCV agnoprotein PDF
OKADA, Yuki 41-42
Experimental studies on encephalitis/encephalopathy due to virulent influenza virus infection PDF
CHUN-HO, Park 42-43
Studies on the causal agent of so-called fowl glioma PDF
IWATA, Naoko 43-44
Study of the neuroprotective mechanisms by the spin trap α-phenyl-N-tert-butylnitrone PDF
TSUJI, Masahisa 44-46
Fas-mediated signal transduction pathway in apoptosis induced by ionizing radiation PDF
TAKAHASHI, Kenji 46-47
Studies on population ecology of the spotted seal, Phoca largha, in the coastal waters of Hokkaido, Japan PDF
MIZUNO, Ayako W. 47-48
Studies on Genetic and Morphological Characteristics and Conservation of Red Deer (Cervus elaphus) in Xinjiang, China PDF
MAHMUT, Halik 48-50
The physiology and life-history parameters of reproduction in Steller sea lions, spotted seals and ribbon seals from the coastal waters of Hokkaido PDF
ISHINAZAKA, Tsuyoshi 50-51
Innervation of the horse pericardium revealed by immnohistochemistry for protein gene product 9.5,a neuron-specific protein PDF
KIMOTO, Keita 53-54
Histological study on mucosal lesions of gastric ulcer in horses PDF
JOZAKI, Taketo 54-54
Three-dimensional ultrastructure of synoviocytes in the knee joint of rabbit and morphological changes in osteoarthritis model PDF
NIO, Junko 55-56
Ca^<2+>-activated K^+ channels involved in muscarinically stimulated salivary secretion in ruminant parotid acinar cells PDF
TAKAHATA, Toru 56-57