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The ova of Schistosoma spindale observed among the positive samples were within the range of 270 to 320μm long, elongated and spindle shape with a terminal spine. (Light microscope [100X total magnification] aided by iodine stain.)
See the article by Tiong Kai Tan et al. on page 63.

Volume 63 Number 2    (2015-5 issued)


Identification of multiple genetic loci in the mouse controlling immobility time in the tail suspension and forced swimming tests PDF
Abou-Elnaga, Ahmed F.;Torigoe, Daisuke;Fouda, Mohamed M.;Darwish, Ragab A.;Abou-Ismail, Usama A.;Morimatsu, Masami;Agui, Takashi 53-62
Detection of Schistosoma spindale ova and associated risk factors among Malaysian cattle through coprological survey PDF
Tan, Tiong Kai;Low, Van Lun;Lee, Soo Ching;Panchadcharam, Chandrawathani;Kho, Kai Ling;Koh, Fui Xian;Sharma, Reuben Sunil Kumar;Jaafar, Tariq;Lim, Yvonne Ai Lian 63-71
Induction of immunocastration in pre-pubertal boars immunized with recombinant gonadotropinreleasing hormone conjugated with Salmonella Typhimurium flagellin fljB PDF
Park, Woo-Jung;Park, Byung-Joo;Song, Young-Jo;Lee, Joong-Bok;Jang, Young-Gyu;Kim, Hyoung-Moon;Han, Jang-Hyuck;Jung, Cheong-Hwan;Choi, In-Soo 73-81
Class 1 integrons characterization and multilocus sequence typing of Salmonella spp. from swine production chains in Chiang Mai and Lamphun provinces, Thailand PDF
Boonkhot, Phacharaporn;Tadee, Pakpoom;Yamsakul, Panuwat;Pocharoen, Chairoj;Chokesajjawatee, Nipa;Patchanee, Prapas 83-94