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New-born cubs of the Japanese black bear: The Japanese black bear gives birth and nurtures new-born cubs using energy from accumulated body fat during the denning period in winter, following achievement of embryonic diapause and fetal growth during the gestation period. From observation studies of the corpus luteum and corpus albicans and the placental scar in the ovary and uterus, respectively, it is suggested that bears sometimes fail in reproduction due to litter loss after birth. See the article by Atsushi Yamanaka et al. on page 31.

Volume 59, Number 1     ( 2011-02 issued )


Nitric oxide stimulates IP3 production via a cGMP/ PKG-dependent pathway in rat pancreatic acinar cells PDF
Moustafa, Amira;Sakamoto, Kentaro Q;Habara, Yoshiaki 5-14
Virological surveillance and phylogenetic analysis of the PB2 genes of influenza viruses isolated from wild water birds flying from their nesting lakes in Siberia to Hokkaido, Japan in autumn PDF
Asmah Abdul Samad, Rozanah;Sakoda, Yoshihiro;Tsuda, Yoshimi;Simulundu, Edgar;Manzoor, Rashid;Okamatsu, Masatoshi;Ito, Kimihito;Kida, Hiroshi 15-22
A vaccine prepared from a non-pathogenic H5N1 influenza virus strain from the influenza virus library conferred protective immunity to chickens against the challenge with antigenically drifted highly pathogenic avian influenza virus PDF
Asmah Abdul Samad, Rozanah;Nomura, Naoki;Tsuda, Yoshimi;Manzoor, Rashid;Kajihara, Masahiro;Tomabechi, Daisuke;Sasaki, Takashi;Kokumai, Norihide;Ohgitani, Toshiaki;Okamatsu, Masatoshi;Takada, Ayato;Sakoda, Yoshihiro;Kida, Hiroshi 23-29
Estimating the success rate of ovulation and early litter loss rate in the Japanese black bear (Ursus thibetanus japonicus) by examining the ovaries and uteri PDF
Yamanaka, Atsushi;Yamauchi, Kiyoshi;Tsujimoto, Tsunenori;Mizoguchi, Toshio;Oi, Toru;Sawada, Seigo;Shimozuru, Michito;Tsubota, Toshio 31-39


INFORMATION: Theses for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy PDF
INFORMATION: Publications by the staff of the Graduate School of Veterinary Medicine PDF