Japanese Journal of Veterinary Research

Volume 48, Number 1    (2000-05 issued)

Spin-trapping detection of superoxides in polymorphonuclear leukocytes stimulated with serum-opsonized zymosan PDF
KUWABARA, Mikinori;TAKAHASHI, Tsuneo A.;NAGAHATA, Hajime;INANAMI, Osamu 3-13
Experimental reproduction of itai-itai disease, a chronic cadmium poisoning of humans, in rats and monkeys PDF
UMEMURA, Takashi 15-28
Isolation of Pseudomonas aeruginosa from Ushubetsu River water in Hokkaido, Japan PDF
AOI, Yoh;NAKATA, Hidehiko;KIDA, Hiroshi 29-34
Morphological study on subcellular localization of synaptic transmission-related molecules in cerebellar Purkinje cells PDF
TANAKA, Jun 35-35
OKAMOTO, Shiki 36-37
JUNG, Bae Dong 37-38
KOMAGOME, Rika 39-39
Analysis of structure-function of RNA polymerase of influenza A virus PDF
HATTA, Masato 40-40
Differences in infectivities and genomic structures between oncogenic and non-oncogenic Marek's disease viruses PDF
LEE, Sung-il 41-42
Improvement of the alternative definitive host model for Echinococcus multilocularis and its application for E. vogeli PDF
MATSUO, Kayoko 42-43
Investigations and considerations on the epizootiology of Echinococcus multilocularis in Hokkaido, Japan PDF
MORISHIMA, Yasuyuki 44-45
Genetic and Developmental Study of Tattered^<hokkaido>(Td^<ho>) mouse PDF
SEO, Kwang Won 45-46
Molecular characterization and antiviral activity analysis of the interferon-inducible Mx gene in mice PDF
JIN, Hee Kyung 46-47
A study on the differentiation therapy of canine osteosarcoma with vitamin D and retinoids PDF
BARROGA, Edward F. 47-48
Bovine nuclear transfer using embryonic blastomeres and cumulus cells PDF
MOHAMED SAYED, Mohamed Nour 48-49
Mechanism of Free Radical-Induced Oxidative Injury and Activation of Signal Transduction in Rat Liver Membrane with Acute Hepatitis : Spectroscopic Observation PDF
YOON, Seokjoo 50-51
An immunohistochemical study of chromogranin A by use of region-specific antisera in the rat and horse PDF
OHKI, Hiroyuki 53-53
Unique Localization of Protein Gene Product 9.5 in the Joint of the Horse PDF
KITAMURA, Hiroko 54-54
Three-dimensional Ultrastructure of Synoviocytes in the Horse Joint PDF
SHIKICHI, Mitsumori 55-56
Effects of streptozotocin on intracellular Ca^<2+> dynamics in rat pancreatic islets PDF
INAGAKI, Akihiro 56-56
Properties and intracellular modulating factors of hyperpolarization-activated cation currents in rat dorsal root ganglion neurones PDF
KOMAGIRI, You 57-58
Effect of leptin on catecholamine release from rat chromaffin cells and pheochromocytoma cells PDF
SEKIGUCHI, Michiko 58-59
Molecular Cloning of Mouse SSeCKS and Its Expression during Inflammation PDF
OKITA, Keisuke 59-59
Proinsulin C-peptide Induces Phosphorylation of Mitogen-Activated Protein Kinases (MAPK) in Swiss 3 T 3 and 3 T 3-F442A Cells PDF
KITAMURA, Takanori 60-60
The relationship between uncoupling proteins and obesity-resistance in mice PDF
NAKAGAWA, Akira 60-61
Contractile effects of vasopressin on isolated rat basilar artery PDF
KATORI, Eriko 61-62
Inhibitory effects of opioids on voltage-dependent calcium channels in cultured porcine adrenal chromaffin cells PDF
KITAMURA, Go 62-63
Catecholamine and ATP metabolites released from perfused adrenal glands of guinea-pig PDF
SASAHARA, Ikuko 63-63
Preparedness for the emergence of pandemic influenza viruses : Avirulent avian viruses as vaccine strains against pandemics PDF
KUBOKI, Noritaka 64-64
Preparation of monoclonal antibodies for etiological diagnosis of viral infections PDF
TAMURA, Yuki 64-65
Analysis of diversity in the genes of Theileria sergenti major piroplasm surface protein by denaturing gradient gel electrophoresis PDF
SETO, Junji 65-66
Expression of tumor necrosis factor-α receptors mRNA in sheep infected with bovine leukemia virus PDF
FUKUDA, Akiko 66-67
The differences in the kinetic changes of lymphocyte populations and cytokine profiles between chickens genetically susceptible and resistant to Marek's disease PDF
MAEDA, Yoshihiro 67-68
Development of latex agglutination test for the detection of Echinococcus multilocularis coproantigens in the definitive hosts PDF
SHIMIZU, Mari 68-69
Humoral immune responses of hamsters infected with adult Echinococcus multilocularis in the course of reinfection and oral vaccination trial PDF
NAKANISHI, Jun 69-70
Studies on the parasite fauna of raccoon (Procyon lotor) naturalized in Hokkaido, Japan PDF
YAMADA, Daisuke 70-71
Cloning and histological analysis of the mouse testis specific gene, Sperm tail associated protein (Stap) PDF
OHUCHI, Jun 71-71
Mechanism of oxidative damage induced by alk (en) ylthiosulfates containedin onions and garlic PDF
KAKIZAKI, Masashi 72-72
Analysis of R-type pyruvate kinase gene of canine erythrocytes associated with hereditary high Na, K-ATPase activity PDF
NOMURA, Akiko 73-73
Clinical and biochemical findings of GM1 gangliosidosis in Shiba dogs PDF
MASUOKA, Yukiko 74-74
Influence of one lung ventilation on respiratory and cardiovascular function in dogs PDF
KAMIYA, Kazuhiro 75-75
A study on the effects of chitosan on tumor growth and metasatasis PDF
TSUTSUMI, Nanae 76-76
A basic study on the possible application of differentiation therapy for feline mammary carcinoma PDF
TAKAGI, Satoshi 77-77
Experimental reproduction of equine herpesvirus-1 myeloencephalitis in mice PDF
SATO, Eiichi 78-78
Demonstration of vertical transmission Neospora caninum in latently infected mice PDF
TOMIOKA, Yukiko 79-79
Pathological studies on the transmission of so-called fowl glioma PDF
HAYASHI, Kyoko 80-81
In vitro growth and maturation of bovine oocytes from early antral follicles PDF
IKAWA, Maki 81-81
Regulation of prostaglandin synthesis in bovine uterine stromal cells : Role of progesterone, estrogen and epidermal growth factor PDF
YAMASHITA, Masao 82-82
Isolation methods of bovine primary follicles and their developmental capacity PDF
YAMAMOTO, Naoto 83-83
A study on the significance of serum trypsin-like immunoreactivity in experimentally induced acute pancreatitis in dogs PDF
ITO, Kei 84-84
A study on the pathogenesis of canine herpesvirus encephalitis in newborn pups PDF
NISHINO, Aki 85-85
A study on experimental cerebral alveolar echinococcosis in rats PDF
MATSUMOTO, Yukari 86-86
Generation of hantavirus recombinant nucleocapsid proteins and the application of ELISA antigens for serotyping PDF
ARAKI, Koichi 87-87
Analysis of viral transcription and replication in persistently Borna disease virus (BDV) infected cells PDF
INAGAKI, Hisae 88-88
Evaluation of IgG/IgM-ELISA as a serodiagnostic method of tick-borne encephalitis in comparison with neutralization test PDF
KAWADA, Tomoko 89-89
Magnetic resonance imaging of degeneration induced experimentally in central nervous system (CNS) of rats PDF
TAKATSUKA, Masanori 90-90
Roles of p38MAPK, PKC and PI 3-K in the signaling pathways of NADPH oxidase activation and phagocytosis in bovine polymorphonuclear leukocytes PDF
YAMAMORI, Tohru 91-91
2-Chlorodeoxyadenosine induces apoptosis through the Fas/Fas ligand pathway in human leukemia cell line MOLT-4 PDF
NOMURA, Yukiko 92-92
Alteration in Rat Central Nervous System Following Prenatal and Lactational Exposure to Tributyltin and Bisphenol A PDF
TATEISHI, Yoko 93-93
Effects of Multiple Administrations of Warfarin on Drug Metabolizing Enzyme Activities in Rats PDF
DEGUCHI, Yoshiyuki 94-94
Identification of Cytochrome P450 Genes in Marine Mammals : Comparative characterization of marine mammal cytochrome P450s PDF
TERAMITSU, Ikuko 95-95