Japanese Journal of Veterinary Research

Volume 54, Number 1    (2006-05 issued)

Disease constraints for utilization of the African buffalo (Syncerus caffer) on game ranches in Zambia PDF(article)
Munang'andu, Hetron M.;Siamudaala, Victor M.;Nambota, Andrew;Bwalya, John M.;Munyeme, Musso;Mweene, Aaron S.;Takada, Ayato;Kida, Hiroshi 3-13
Ecology and epidemiology of anthrax in cattle and humans in Zambia PDF(article)
Siamudaala, Victor M.;Bwalya, John M.;Munang'andu, Hetron M.;Sinyangwe, Peter G.;Banda, Fred;Mweene, Aaron S.;Takada, Ayato;Kida, Hiroshi 15-23
Experimental transmission of Bovine leukemia virus in cattle via rectal palpation PDF
Kohara, Junko;Konnai, Satoru;Onuma, Misao 25-30
INFORMATION: Theses for the Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (equivalent to Ph.D.) PDF
INFORMATION: Theses for the Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine PDF
INFORMATION: Publications by the staff of the Graduate School of Veterinary Medicine PDF