Japanese Journal of Veterinary Research

Volume 45, Number 4    (1998-02 issued)

Current status of vitrification of embryos and oocytes in domestic animals : Ethylene glycol as an emerging cryoprotectant of choice PDF
BAUTISTA, Jose Arceo N.;KANAGAWA, Hiroshi 183-191
In vitro viability of mouse zygotes vitrified in ethylene glycol PDF
BAUTISTA, Jose Arceo N.;TAKAHASHI, Yoshiyuki;KANAGAWA, Hiroshi 193-198
Ultrasonographic evaluation of portal vein hemodynamics in experimentally bile duct ligated dogs PDF
MWANZA, Timothy;MIYAMOTO, Toru;OKUMURA, Masahiro;KADOSAWA, Tsuyoshi;FUJINAGA, Toru 199-206
Potentially virulent Newcastle disease viruses are maintained in migratory waterfowl populations PDF
TAKAKUWA, Hiroki;ITO, Toshihiro;TAKADA, Ayato;OKAZAKI, Katsunori;KIDA, Hiroshi 207-215
Functional enucleation of mouse metaphase II oocytes with etoposide PDF
ELSHEIKH, Adil Salim;TAKAHASHI, Yoshiyuki;KATAGIRI, Seiji;KANAGAWA, Hiroshi 217-220
Studies on an immunopotentiation of peptidoglycan derived from Bifidobacterium thermophilum PDF
SASAKI, Takashi 221-222
A physiological study of egg shell formation in the domestic fowl PDF
NAKADA, Tadashi 224-224
Regulatory mechanism of tissue-specific expression of aromatase (estrogen synthetase) and its physiological significance PDF
HARADA, Nobuhiro 225-225
Involvement of Notch-HES signalings in T cell development PDF
HATTORI, Masakazu 226-226
Baculovirus vector for expression in mammalian cells and its application for study on biological functions of hepatitis C virus core protein PDF
MATSUURA, Yoshiharu 227-227
Development of malaria vaccine based on recombinant SERA protein PDF
HORII, Toshihiro 228-228
In vivo study on the influence of the environmental stress : The development of non-invasive evaluation system using in vivo ESR PDF
OZAWA, Toshihiko 229-229
Species specifics in gastro-intestinal function PDF
HARADA, Etsumori 230-230
Recognition system for dietary fatty acids in the small intestine and taste buds PDF
FUSHIKI, Tohru 231-231
Role of basic fibroblast growth factor in the healing of gastric ulcer in rats PDF
SATOH, Hiroshi 232-232
Viral hemorrhagic fever : epidemiology and control PDF
KURATA, Takeshi 233-233
Effects of olfaction on taste differentiation in the mouse PDF
TONOSAKI, Keiichi;UEBAYASHI, Hajimu 234-234
Influenza virus and apoptosis : the role of double-stranded RNA-activated protein kinase PDF
TAKIZAWA, Takenori 235-235
Cell proliferation and differentiation of the canine mammary mixed tumor PDF
TATEYAMA, Susumu 236-236
Athophysiological findings in age-related brain disorders in small animals PDF
ONO, Kenichiro 237-237
Application and diagnostic evaluation of surgical pathology of small animal dermatoses PDF
YAMAGUCHI, Ryoji 238-238
Application of photodynamic therapy for tumor to veterinary practice PDF
OKAMOTO, Yoshiharu 239-239
Pattern of geographic variation in small odontocetes and affecting environmental factors PDF
AMANO, Masao 240-240