Japanese Journal of Veterinary Research

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Dermal melanocytoma-acanthoma in an adult mixed breed dog. This tumor is a unique benign mixed tumor in the skin of dogs. The lesions are composed of two characteristic features: compound melanocytoma and benign epithelial neoplasia. Immunohistochemically, cytokeratin in brown color appears in epithelial cells, but not in melanocytic cells of intraepithelial (center of this figure) and peripheral nests. Mitotic figures and mitotic atypia are not observed in the epithelial and melanocytic cells in this figure. See the article by Park and Cho. on page 165-169.

Volume 58, Number 3&4    (2010-11 issued)


Effects of retinoic acid and hydrogen peroxide on sterol regulatory element-binding protein-1a activation during adipogenic differentiation of 3T3-L1 cells PDF
Eldaim, Mabrouk A. Abd;Okamatsu-Ogura, Yuko;Terao, Akira;Kimura, Kazuhiro 149-154
Reduced transcript levels of the heat shock protein 70 gene in diminazene aceturate-resistant Babesia gibsoni variants under low concentrations of diminazene aceturate PDF
Hwang, Shiang-Jyi;Yamasaki, Masahiro;Nakamura, Kensuke;Sasaki, Noboru;Murakami, Masahiro;Rajapakshage, Bandula Kumara Wickramasekara;Ohta, Hiroshi;Maede, Yoshimitsu;Takiguchi, Mitsuyoshi 155-164


Dermal melanocytoma-acanthoma in an adult mixed breed dog PDF
Park, Sang-Ik;Cho, Kyoung-Oh 165-169
Effects of feeding buffering mineral mixture on subacute rumen acidosis and some production traits in dairy cows PDF
Petrujkic, Branko;Šamanc, Horea;Adamovic, Milan;Stojic, Velibor;Petrujkic, Tihomir;Grdovic, Svetlana;Šefer, Dragan;Markovic, Radmila 171-177
Inactivation strategy for pseudorabies virus in milk for production of biopharmaceuticals PDF
Chang, Jen-Ting;Chou, Yu-Chi;Lin, Meng-Shiue;Wang, Shih-Rong 179-183


INFORMATION: Theses for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy PDF