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Immunohistochemical micrographs of Ki-67 in mouse epidermis. In Nfkbiz knock out mice (bottom), the number of Ki-67-positive proliferating epidermal keratinocytes were significantly lower than that of the wild type mice (top). Together with the fact that expression of the differentiation markers K10 and filaggrin was significantly lower in the skin of Nfkbiz knock out mice than in the skin of control mice, the authors discuss implications of Nfkbiz in epidermal keratinocytes for the pathogenesis of atopic dermatitis in this mouse model.
See the article by Toshina Ishiguro-Oonuma et al. on page 107.

Volume 63 Number 3    (2015-8 issued)


Quantitative and qualitative morphologic, cytochemical and ultrastructural characteristics of blood cells in the Crested Serpent eagle and Shikra PDF
Salakij, Chaleow;Kasorndorkbua, Chaiyan;Salakij, Jarernsak;Suwannasaeng, Pimsuda;Jakthong, Pattarapong 95-105
Nfkbiz regulates the proliferation and differentiation of keratinocytes PDF
Ishiguro-Oonuma, Toshina;Ochiai, Kazuhiko;Hashizume, Kazuyoshi;Iwanaga, Toshihiko;Morimatsu, Masami 107-114
Long-term p-nitrophenol exposure can disturb liver metabolic cytochrome P450 genes together with aryl hydrocarbon receptor in Japanese quail PDF
Ahmed, Eman;Nagaoka, Kentaro;Fayez, Mostafa;Samir, Haney;Watanabe, Gen 115-127
Diagnostic application of recombinant equine merozoite surface antigen-1 in elisa for detection of Theileria equi specific antibodies PDF
Kumar, Sandeep;Rakha, Naresh K.;Goyal, Liza;Goel, Parveen;Kumar, Rajender;Kumar, Ashok;Kumar, Sanjay 129-137
Systemic and local bactericidal potentiality in late lactation Holstein-Friesian cows following a combined antibiotics and Enterococcus faecium SF68 dry-cow treatment PDF
Tiantong, Attapol;Piamya, Piya;Chen, Shuen-Ei;Liu, Wen-Bor;Chang, Fang-Yu;Lin, Pei-Chi;Nagahata, Hajime;Chang, Chai-Ju 139-150
Molecular characterization of Mycobacterium orygis isolates from wild animals of Nepal PDF
Thapa, Jeewan;Nakajima, Chie;Maharjan, Bhagwan;Poudel, Ajay;Suzuki, Yasuhiko 151-158