Economic Journal of Hokkaido University;Vol. 32


Balanced Venture Cards : Integrating Information and Venture Nurturing Strategy to Prevent Shock & Awe

Jehan, Shahzadah Nayyar

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KEYWORDS : VentureNurturing, Incubation, Alternate Strategies


Although the venture development and nurturing strategies are not new, but most of these strategies are prone to shock and awe of unexpected developments while a venture goes through different stages of its life. In most cases the shock and awe of the unexpected developments in the venture is fatal and many ventures go down the drain in early stages of their development leaving a very small percentage of ventures joining the pool of successful ventures. The idea behind the balanced venture cards presented in this paper calls for more accurate as well as multiple layers of nurturing strategy while making the integrated information and value portal as the venture linchpin instead of funds flow. The objective of the balanced venture cards approach is to ensure that maximum possible avenues are brought into consideration that can allow a venture to be nurtured to a stage where it can join the pool of successful ventures. (JEL M130)