Journal of the Faculty of Science, Hokkaido University. Series 7, Geophysics

Vol.1, No.1    (1957-01-30 issued)

On the Behaviour of Water Droplets in the Air at temperatures below Freezing PDF
MAGONO, Choji;ORIKASA, Keitaro;YAMAZAKI, Tadashi 1-5
The Charge on Precipitation Elements and Surface Electric Potential Gradient PDF
MAGONO, Choji;ORIKASA, Keitaro;OKABE, Hiroshi 7-20
Recent Activity of Volcano Me' akan-dake PDF
SAKUMA, shuzo;MURASE, Tsutomu 21-36
Volcanic Tremor of ME' akan-dake PDF
SAKUMA, shuzo 37-53
Amplification Factor of the Electromagnetic Recorder having no Electric Amplifier PDF
TAZIME, Kyozi 55-67