Journal of the Faculty of Science, Hokkaido University. Series 7, Geophysics

Vol.7, No.1    (1981-03-28 issued)

Origin of Harding Lake in the Interior Alaska PDF
NAKAO, Kinshiro;TANOUE, Ryuichi;YOKOYAMA, Takuo 1-12
Water Budget and Lake-Level Stability of Harding Lake in the Interior Alaska PDF
NAKAO, Kinshiro;TANOUE, Ryuichi;OIKE, Teiji;Laperriere, Jacqueline 13-25
Thermal Regime of Harding Lake in the Interior Alaska PDF
FUJINO, Kazuo;NAKAO, Kinshiro;KAJIHARA, Masahiro 27-39
A Determination of Entrainment Rate and Drag Coefficient of Cumulus Clouds PDF
KON, Hisashi 41-46
The Horizontal Movement Speed of Cumulus Clouds in a Shear Flow : A Two-Dimensional Numerical Experiment PDF
KON, Hisashi 47-57
Comparison of Aerial Cloud Pictures with Satellite Cloud Pictures over the AMTEX Area PDF
HARIMAYA, Toshio;ADACHI, Syunzo;HOZUMI, Kunihiko 59-73
Forcible Separations between Ice Crystal Charges and Their Surrounding Space Charge Densities : (Electrification Mechanisms of Snow Crystals Part1) PDF
ENDOH, Tatsuo 75-88
In Situ Measurements of Electric Charges on Individual Ice Crystals by the Application of a Horizontal Electric Field : (Electrification Mechanisms of Snow Crystals Part2) PDF
ENDOH, Tatsuo 89-103
On the Size of Electric Charge Carriers and Their Relaxation Time in the Atmosphere around the Growing Ice Crystals : (Electrification Mechanisms of Snow Crystals Part3) PDF
ENDOH, Tatsuo 105-112
Atmospheric Electric Field Strength and Ice Crystal Charge Associated with precipitation in Northern Canada PDF
Shewchuk, Stanley R.;ENDOH, Tatsuo;KIKUCHI, Katsuhiro 113-120
The Growth of Graupel PDF
HARIMAYA, Toshio 121-134