Japanese Journal of Veterinary Research;Volume 68 Number 1


Evaluation of ultrasound assessments of subcutaneous adiposity and epaxial muscularity in cats: a preliminary study

Iwazaki, Eiji;Nade, Toshihiro

Permalink : http://hdl.handle.net/2115/76752
JaLCDOI : 10.14943/jjvr.68.1.31
KEYWORDS : Adiposity;Feline body mass index;Muscularity;Obesity;Ultrasonography


A study was conducted in 20 cats to translate an ultrasound procedure for muscle evaluation from bovines to felines. The cats were divided into three groups: Lean, Ideal Body Weight (BW), and Overweight. The groups were compared in terms of zoometry measurements, as well as back fat (BF) and epaxial muscle thickness (EM) measured by ultrasound at the 6-7th ribs and immediately caudal to the 13th rib. A significant reduction in EM at both the 6-7th ribs and immediately caudal to the 13th rib was found for the Lean group compared to the Overweight group. The 13th EM showed a significant correlation with the plasma creatinine concentration along with BW and feline body mass index (fBMI). BF immediately caudal to the 13th rib in the Overweight group was significantly increased compared to that in the Ideal BW and Lean groups. In comparison to the other groups, the Lean group also exhibited a significant reduction in BF immediately caudal to the 13th rib. Additionally, BF at the 13th rib showed significant correlations with BW, fBMI, body condition score, and abdominal girth. These data suggest that ultrasonography is appropriate for the evaluation of adiposity and muscularity in cats. In conclusion, the site immediately caudal to the 13th rib might be suitable for ultrasound assessment of body composition in cats, allowing veterinarians to evaluate both adiposity and muscularity in a single procedure. This technique has the potential for use in evaluations of adiposity and muscularity in veterinary clinical practice.