Journal of the Graduate School of Agriculture, Hokkaido University

Vol.61 Pt. 4    (1984-03 issued)

Some Biochemical Alterations in Iesect Induced Leaf Galls of Boerhaavia diffusa L PDF
Chauhan, S.V.S.;Dhingra, R.K.;KINOSHITA, Toshiro 371-376
A Freshwater Planarian from South Chile Collected by the Members of Two Japanese Limnobiological Expeditions into Chile : Cura patagonica (BORELLI, 1901)(Turbellaria, Tricladida, Paludicola) PDF
KAWAKATSU, Masaharu;Mitchell, Robert W.;INOUE, Satoshi 377-398
Relation between Early Fruit Drop and Embryo Development in Apple PDF
FUKUI, Hirokazu;IMAKAWA, Shigeru;TAMURA, Tsutomu 399-407
Particle Structure and Double-Stranded RNA of Rice ragged Stunt Virus PDF
KAWANO, Shinji;UEDA, Ichiro;SHIKATA, Eishiro 408-418
Basic Studies on the Vegetative Propagation of Horticultural Plants : Ⅳ Callus formation in the in vitro culture of current shoot segments of highbush blueberry PDF
HARADA, Takashi;YAKUWA, Toshiro 419-425
Studies on the Breeding of All-male Cultivar in Asparagus : Ⅲ Response to the in vitro culture in a supermale plant 'MM-1' PDF
YAKUWA, Toshiro;HARADA, Takashi 426-435
Einflus der Kühlung auf die Fraktionierte Caseinmicelle PDF
NIKI, Ryoya;KIMURA, Takashi;ARIMA, Shunrokuro 436-444
Inheritance and Linkage Relationship on Zebra Chlorosis and Zebra Necrosis in Rice : Genetical studies on rice plant, LⅩⅩⅩⅧ PDF
KINOSHHITA, Toshiro;TAKAMURE, Itsuro 445-455
Studies on the Morphogenesis of Aspasragus : Ⅹ. Influence of light and growth regulators on callus and organ formation in the in vitro culture of segments from seedling shoots PDF
HARADA, Takashi;YAKUWA, Toshiro 457-467