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article三浦, 誠司; 小池, 基行; 三島, 良直; 鈴木, 朝夫10 at%Tiの添加によって単結晶化したNi3Siの変形挙動Deformation Behavior in Ni3Si Single-Crystalized by Addition of 10 at%Ti日本金属学会誌Journal of the Japan Institute of Metals1-Nov-1992
column三浦, 誠司; 吉見, 享祐21世紀の社会基盤整備に向けた材料開発Materials Development for Social Infrastructure Improvement in the 21st CenturyまてりあMateria Japan1-Mar-2007
article三浦, 誠司; 小池, 基行; 王, 昆; 三島, 良直; 鈴木, 朝夫76 at%Niを含むNi3Ge単結晶の変形挙動Deformation Behaviour in Ni3Ge Single Crystals Containing 76 at%Ni日本金属学会誌Journal of the Japan Institute of Metals1-Oct-1992
article岸田, 恭輔; 三浦, 誠司Advanced Structural and Functional Intermetallic-Based Alloys シンポジウム報告-まてりあMateria JapanApr-2015
articleKashiwaya, Yoshiaki; Nakamitsu, Tsuyoshi; Kinoshita, Hiroshi; Miura, SeijiBinding Energy of Carbon Implanted into Hematite and in situ Observation of Reaction Behavior during Heating Up Experiment-ISIJ International-15-Aug-2011
articleHashimoto, Takuya; Ikeda, Ken-ichi; Miura, SeijiEffect of Grain Boundary Characters on Precipitation Behavior and Local Deformation Behavior in Al-Mg-Si Alloy-Journal of the Japan institute of metals and materials-10-Feb-2021
articlePeng, Li; Takizawa, Satoshi; Ikeda, Ken-ichi; Horiuchi, Toshiaki; Miura, SeijiEffect of Si on the stability of NbCr2 Laves phase in Cr-Mo-Nb system-Intermetallics-Jul-2019
articleYamanaka, Syuki; Ikeda, Ken-ichi; Miura, SeijiThe effect of titanium and silicon addition on phase equilibrium and mechanical properties of CoCrFeMnNi-based high entropy alloy-Journal of Materials Research-May-2021
articleNino, Rikiya; Miura, Seiji; Mohri, TetsuoFormation of Microstructures in the Molybdenum-Aluminum-Titanium Ternary System through Eutectoid Decomposition-Materials Transactions, JIM-Sep-1999
articlePeng, Zhi-Lun; Miura, Seiji; Mishima, YoshinaoHigh-Temperature Creep Behavior in Ni3(Al, Ta) Single Crystals with Different Orientations-Materials Transactions, JIM-Jul-1997
article峯田, 才寛; 三浦, 誠司; 岡, 和彦; 宮島, 達也In-Situ BrinellインデンテーションによるMg-Y単結晶の塑性変形挙動観察Observation of Plastic Deformation Behavior of Mg-Y Alloy Single-Crystals by Using In-Situ Brinell Indentation日本金属学会誌Journal of the Japan Institute of Metals1-Apr-2017
article三浦, 誠司; 三島, 良直; 鈴木, 朝夫IVB亜族元素Siを添加したNi3Al単結晶の変形挙動Deformation Behaviour in Ni3Al Single Crystals Containing IVB-Subgroup Element Si日本金属学会誌Journal of the Japan Institute of Metals1-Oct-1992
article正岡, 和貴; 山田, 忠幸; 堀内, 寿晃; 糸井, 貴臣; 三浦, 誠司Mg-Al-Zn-Gd 4元系合金鋳造まま材におけるLPSO相の生成挙動Formation of LPSO Phases in As-Cast Mg-Al-Zn-Gd Quaternary Alloys日本金属学会誌Journal of the Japan Institute of Metals and Materials1-Aug-2019
articleMinamoto, Satoshi; Nomoto, Sukeharu; Hamaya, Atsushi; Horiuchi, Toshiaki; Miura, SeijiMicrostructure Simulation for Solidification of Magnesium–Zinc–Yttrium Alloy by Multi-phase-field Method Coupled with CALPHAD Database-ISIJ International-15-Dec-2010
article福井, 俊彦; 上野, 俊吉; 田中, 良平; 三浦, 誠司; 三島, 良直MoSi2-Mo5Si3共晶材の組織および硬さに及ぼすNb, Vの影響Effect of Niobium or Vanadium Addition on the Microstructure and Hardness of MoSi2-Mo5Si3 Eutectic Alloys日本金属学会誌Journal of the Japan Institute of Metals1-May-1999
article関戸, 信彰; 木村, 好里; 韋, 富高; 三浦, 誠司; 三島, 良直(Nb)/(Nb, Ti)5Si3二相合金の機械的性質に及ぼすラメラー間隔の影響Effect of Lamellar Spacing on the Mechanical Properties of (Nb)/(Nb, Ti)5Si3 Two-Phase Alloys日本金属学会誌Journal of the Japan Institute of Metals1-Nov-2000
article三浦, 誠司Nbを中心とした耐火金属高濃度固溶体基耐熱合金の開発と今後の展望-まてりあMateria1-Jul-2019
article三浦, 誠司; 三島, 良直Ni-Al系金属間化合物の反応焼結過程の検討Estimation of Amount of Liquid Phase During Reaction Synthesis in the Ni-Al SystemまてりあMateria Japan20-Jun-1996
article落合, 鍾一; 三浦, 誠司; 三島, 良直; 鈴木, 朝夫Ni3(Al, Ti) 単結晶における高温降伏現象High Temperature Yielding of Ni3(Al, Ti) Single Crystals日本金属学会誌Journal of the Japan Institute of Metals1-Jul-1987
article三浦, 誠司; 落合, 鍾一; 大矢, 義博; 三島, 良直; 鈴木, 朝夫Ni3(Al, Ti) 単結晶の流動応力におよぼす歪速度の影響The Effect of Strain Rate on the Flow Stress of Ni3(Al, Ti) Single Crystals日本金属学会誌Journal of the Japan Institute of Metals1-May-1987
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