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articleMatsuno, Kohei; Yamaguchi, AtsushiAbundance and biomass of mesozooplankton along north-south transects (165°E and 165°W) in summer in the North Pacific: an analysis with an optical plankton counter-Plankton and Benthos Research-Nov-2010
article (author version)Maekakuchi, Marie; Matsuno, Kohei; Yamamoto, Jun; Abe, Yoshiyuki; Yamaguchi, AtsushiAbundance, horizontal and vertical distribution of epipelagic ctenophores and scyphomedusae in the northern Bering Sea in summer 2017 and 2018 : Quantification by underwater video imaging analysis-Deep Sea Research Part II Topical Studies in Oceanography-Dec-2020
article (author version)Matsuno, Kohei; Yamaguchi, Atsushi; Imai, IchiroBiomass size spectra of mesozooplankton in the Chukchi Sea during the summers of 1991/1992 and 2007/2008: an analysis using optical plankton counter data-ICES Journal of Marine Science-Sep-2012
articleMatsuno, Kohei; Kim, Hye Seon; Yamaguchi, AtsushiCauses of under- or overestimation of zooplankton biomass using optical plankton counter (OPC) : effect of size and taxa-Plankton & benthos research-Nov-2009
article (author version)Fukai, Yuri; Matsuno, Kohei; Fujiwara, Amane; Yamaguchi, AtsushiThe community composition of diatom resting stages in sediments of the northern Bering Sea in 2017 and 2018: the relationship to the interannual changes in the extent of the sea ice-Polar biology-Oct-2019
bulletin (article)Abe, Yoshiyuki; Hildebrandt, Nicole; Matsuno, Kohei; Niehoff, Barbara; Yamaguchi, AtsushiComparison of the vertical distribution of pelagic copepod abundance, biomass and community structure between the Atlantic and Pacific sectors of the Arctic Ocean-北海道大学水産科学研究彙報Bulletin of Fisheries Sciences, Hokkaido University24-Aug-2020
dataset濱尾, 優介; 松野, 孝平; 飯田, 高大; 山口, 篤[Dataset] 2021年秋季北海道太平洋沿岸における単細胞生物の細胞数密度データ[Dataset] Cell number density data of unicellular organisms along the Pacific coast of Hokkaido during the fall of 2021--10-May-2022
datasetFukai, Yuri; Matsuno, Kohei; Fujiwara, Amane; Suzuki, Koji; Richlen, Mindy; Fachon, Evangeline; Anderson, Donald M.[Dataset] Impact of sea-ice dynamics on the spatial distribution of diatom resting stages in sediments of the Pacific-Arctic Ocean---10-Feb-2021
article (author version)Nakano, Tsubasa; Matsuno, Kohei; Nishizawa, Bungo; Iwahara, Yuka; Mitani, Yoko; Yamamoto, Jun; Sakurai, Yasunori; Watanuki, YutakaDiets and body condition of polar cod (Boreogadus saida) in the northern Bering Sea and Chukchi Sea-Polar biology-Jun-2016
articleSasaki, Hiroko; Matsuno, Kohei; Fujiwara, Amane; Onuka, Misaki; Yamaguchi, Atsushi; Ueno, Hiromichi; Watanuki, Yutaka; Kikuchi, TakashiDistribution of Arctic and Pacific copepods and their habitat in the northern Bering and Chukchi seas-Biogeosciences-12-Aug-2016
articleInaba, Nobuharu; Kodama, Isamu; Nagai, Satoshi; Shiraishi, Tomotaka; Matsuno, Kohei; Yamaguchi, Atsushi; Imai, IchiroDistribution of Harmful Algal Growth-Limiting Bacteria on Artificially Introduced Ulva and Natural Macroalgal Beds-Applied sciences-Aug-2020
articleYamaguchi, Atsushi; Homma, Tomoe; Saito, Rui; Matsuno, Kohei; Ueno, Hiromichi; Hirawake, Toru; Imai, IchiroEast-west differences in population structure and vertical distribution of copepods along 47°N in the subarctic Pacific in June 2009-Plankton & benthos research : a joint journal of the Plankton Society of Japan & the Japanese Association of Benthology-Aug-2013
articleKimura, Fumihiko; Matsuno, Kohei; Abe, Yoshiyuki; Yamaguchi, AtsushiEffects of Early Sea-Ice Reduction on Zooplankton and Copepod Population Structure in the Northern Bering Sea During the Summers of 2017 and 2018-Frontiers in Marine Science-2022
articleWatanabe, Eiji; Onodera, Jonaotaro; Harada, Naomi; Honda, Makio C.; Kimoto, Katsunori; Kikuchi, Takashi; Nishino, Shigeto; Matsuno, Kohei; Yamaguchi, Atsushi; Ishida, Akio; Kishi, Michio J.Enhanced role of eddies in the Arctic marine biological pump-Nature Communications-27-May-2014
article (author version)Landeira, Jose M.; Matsuno, Kohei; Tanaka, Yuji; Yamaguchi, AtsushiFirst record of the larvae of tanner crab Chionoecetes bairdi in the Chukchi Sea: A future northward expansion in the Arctic?-Polar Science-Jun-2018
article (author version)Matsuno, Kohei; Yamaguchi, Atsushi; Shimada, Koji; Imai, IchiroHorizontal distribution of calanoid copepods in the western Arctic Ocean during the summer of 2008-Polar Science-Apr-2012
article (author version)Matsuno, Kohei; Ichinomiya, Mutsuo; Yamaguchi, Atsushi; Imai, Ichiro; Kikuchi, TakashiHorizontal distribution of microprotist community structure in the western Arctic Ocean during late summer and early fall of 2010-Polar Biology-Aug-2014
article (author version)Matsuno, Kohei; Kanna, Naoya; Sugiyama, Shin; Yamaguchi, Atsushi; Yang, Eun JinImpacts of meltwater discharge from marine-terminating glaciers on the protist community in Inglefield Bredning, northwestern Greenland-Marine ecology progress series-28-May-2020
bulletin (article)Matsuno, Kohei; Fujiwara, Amane; Hirawake, Toru; Yamaguchi, AtsushiIngestion rates and grazing impacts of Arctic and Pacific copepods in the western Arctic Ocean during autumn-北海道大学水産科学研究彙報Bulletin of Fisheries Sciences, Hokkaido University9-Dec-2019
bulletin (article)Tomiyama, Kosuke; Matsuno, Kohei; Abe, Yoshiyuki; Shimada, Hiroshi; Yamaguchi, AtsushiInter-oceanic differences in macrozooplankton biomas and community structure in four regions around Hokkaido Island, Japan : consequences for marine ecosystem structure-北海道大学水産科学研究彙報-10-Aug-2017
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