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article (author version)Yano, T.; Afroundeh, R.; Yamanaka, R.; Arimitsu, T.; Lian, C.S.; Shirakawa, K.; Yunoki, T.Oscillation in O2 uptake in impulse exercise-Acta Physiologica Hungarica-Jun-2014
article (author version)Yano, T.; Afroundeh, R.; Shirakawa, K.; Lian, C-S; Shibata, K.; Xiao, Z.; Yunoki, T.Oscillation of tissue oxygen index in non-exercising muscle during exercise-Acta physiologica hungarica-Sep-2015
articleYunoki, Takahiro; Horiuchi, Masahiro; Yano, TokuoOxygen Kinetics in Response to Impulse Work-Applied human science : journal of physiological anthropology-Jan-1998
articleYano, T.; Yunoki, T.; Ogata, H.; Mastuura, R.Relation between excessive CO2 expiration and performance in high-intensity exercise-Biology of Sport-Jun-2005
articleYunoki, Takahiro; Ogata, Hisayoshi; Yano, TokuoRelationship between Blood Lactate Concentration and Excessive CO2 Expiration During and after Ramp Exercise-Advances in Exercise and Sports Physiology-Sep-2003
article (author version)Yunoki, Takahiro; Matsuura, Ryouta; Yamanaka, Ryo; Afroundeh, Roghayyeh; Lian, Chang-shun; Shirakawa, Kazuki; Ohtsuka, Yoshinori; Yano, TokuoRelationship between motor corticospinal excitability and ventilatory response during intense exercise-European journal of applied physiology-Jun-2016
bulletin (article)Yano, T; Afroundeh, R; Arimitsu, T; Yunoki, TRelationship between tissue oxygen index in skeletal muscle and oxygen uptake at pulmonary level骨格筋内の組織酸素指数と肺レベルの酸素摂取量との関係北海道大学大学院教育学研究院紀要Bulletin of Faculty of Education, Hokkaido University23-Dec-2019
articleAfroundeh, R.; Arimitsu, T.; Yamanaka, R.; Lian, C. S.; Shirakawa, K.; Yunoki, T.; Yano, T.Relationship Between Ventilation and Predicted Arterial CO2 Pressure During Recovery From an Impulse-Like Exercise Without Metabolic Acidosis-Physiological research-2013
articleYano, Tokuo; Yunoki, Takahiro; Ogata, HisayoshiRelationship in Simulation between Oxygen Deficit and Oxygen Uptake in Decrement-load Exercise Starting from Low Exercise Intensity-Journal of physiological anthropology and applied human science-Jan-2003
article (author version)Yano, T.; Afroundeh, R.; Yamanak, R.; Arimitsu, T.; Lian, C-S; Shirkawa, K.; Yunoki, T.Response of end tidal CO2 pressure to impulse exercise-Acta Physiologica Hungarica-Mar-2014
bulletin (article)Yano, Tokuo; Widjaja, Waree; Shirakawa, Kazuki; Lian, Chang-shun; Xiao, Zheng; Yunoki, TakahiroSynchronization between Tissue Oxygen Indexes in the Vastus Lateralis and Gastrocnemius after Impulse Exercise-北海道大学大学院教育学研究院紀要-26-Dec-2014
article (author version)Yunoki, Takahiro; Arimitsu, Takuma; Yamanaka, Ryo; Lian, Chang-shun; Afroundeh, Roghhayye; Matsuura, Ryouta; Yano, TokuoVentilatory response to moderate incremental exercise performed 24 h after resistance exercise with concentric and eccentric contractions-European Journal of Applied Physiology-Aug-2011
bulletin (article)柚木, 孝敬運動時の呼吸Breathing During Exercise北海道大学大学院教育学研究院紀要-30-Mar-2016
article松浦, 亮太; 有光, 琢磨; 榊, 房子; 大沼, 義彦; 柚木, 孝敬; 矢野, 徳郎健康指導を伴う運動教室による歩数量の促進がBMIおよび腹囲に及ぼす影響と肥満遺伝子多型の関係Relationship between the Effects of Increase in the Daily Number of Pedometer Steps during an Exercise Class with Health Instruction on Body Mass Index and Abdominal Circumference and Polymorphisms of Obesity-Related Gene日本生理人類学会誌-25-Feb-2009
article柚木, 孝敬; 尾方, 寿好; 平木場, 浩二; 矢野, 徳郎炭酸水素ナトリウムの摂取が短時間高強度運動時および終了後のCO2過剰排出に及ぼす影響Effect of Sodium Bicarbonate Ingestion on Excess CO2 Output During and After Short-Term Intensive Exercise日本生理人類学会誌-25-May-2004
bulletin (article)熱依汗; 柚木, 孝敬; 尾方, 寿好; 矢野, 徳郎短距離選手と長距離選手のエネルギー供給系の比較Comparison of Energy Supply System between Sprinters and Long Distance Runners北海道大学大学院教育学研究科紀要-Jun-2002
bulletin (article)連, 長順; 有光, 琢磨; 山中, 亮; アフルンデ, ロガイエ; 白川, 和希; 小田, 史郎; 柚木, 孝敬; 矢野, 徳郎長時間一定負荷運動時の心拍ドリフトと自律神経活動の関係Relationship Between Heart Rate Drift and Autonomic Nerve Activity During Prolonged Constant-load Exercise北海道大学大学院教育学研究院紀要-30-Jun-2014
bulletin (article)柚木, 孝敬; 肖, 錚; 白川, 和希; 連, 長順; 矢野, 徳郎抵抗負荷呼吸時の酸素摂取動態Oxygen-uptake kinetics during inspiratory resistive breathing北海道大学大学院教育学研究院紀要-25-Dec-2015
bulletin (article)石黒, 広昭; 宮崎, 隆志; 藤野, 友紀; 内田, 祥子; 東, 重満; 間宮, 正幸; 河口, 明人; 須田, 力; 矢野, 徳郎; 柚木, 孝敬; 川初, 清典; 木村, 純; 陳, 省仁; 佐藤, 公治; 伊藤, 崇発​達​学​習​支​援​ネ​ッ​ト​ワ​ー​ク​形​成​の​基​本​課​題-発達・学習支援ネットワーク研究-25-Mar-2006
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