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article (author version)Matsunami, Shohei; Ogura, Yukiko; Amita, Hidetoshi; Izumi, Takeshi; Yoshioka, Mitsuhiro; Matsushima, ToshiyaBehavioural and pharmacological effects of fluvoxamine on decision-making in food patches and the inter-temporal choices of domestic chicks-Behavioural Brain Research2012年 8月 1日
article (author version)Amita, Hidetoshi; Matsushima, ToshiyaCompetitor suppresses neuronal representation of food reward in the nucleus accumbens/medial striatum of domestic chicks-Behavioural Brain Research2014年 7月15日
articleOgura, Yukiko; Amita, Hidetoshi; Matsushima, ToshiyaEcological Validity of Impulsive Choice: Consequences of Profitability-Based Short-Sighted Evaluation in the Producer-Scrounger Resource Competition-Frontiers in applied mathematics and statistics2018年10月30日
articleAmita, Hidetoshi; Matsushima, ToshiyaInstantaneous and Cumulative Influences of Competition on Impulsive Choices in Domestic Chicks-Frontiers in Neuroscience2011年 9月
article (author version)Amita, Hidetoshi; Kawamori, Ai; Matsushima, ToshiyaSocial influences of competition on impulsive choices in domestic chicks-Biology Letters2010年 3月12日
検索結果表示: 1 - 5 / 5


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