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TypeAuthor(s)TitleOther TitlesCitationCitation(alt)Issue Date
bulletin (article)Arai, A.1989年度談話会アブストラクト集 Colloquium Lectures 北海道大学理学部数学教室-Hokkaido University technical report series in mathematics北海道大学数学講究録1-Jan-1990
bulletin (article)Arai, A.; Tominaga, N.Analysis of a family of strongly commuting self-adjoint operators with applications to perturbed d'Alembertians and the external field problem in quantum field theory-Hokkaido University Preprint Series in Mathematics-1-Feb-1995
bulletin (article)Arai, A.Canonical commutation relations, the Weierstrass Zetafunction, and infinite dimensional Hilbert space representations of the quantum group Uq (sl2)-Hokkaido University Preprint Series in Mathematics-1-Nov-1995
bulletin (article)Arai, A.Characterization of anticommutativity of self-adjoint operators in connection with Clifford algebra and applications-Hokkaido University Preprint Series in Mathematics-Jun-1993
bulletin (article)Arai, A.; Kawano, H.A class of deformations of the Schrdinger representation of the Heisenberg commutation relation and exact solution to a Heisenberg equation and a Schrdinger equation-Hokkaido University Preprint Series in Mathematics-1-Jun-2000
bulletin (article)Arai, A.A class of representations of the *-algebra of the canonical commutation relations over a Hilbert space and instability of embedded eigenvalues in quantum field models-Hokkaido University Preprint Series in Mathematics-1-Dec-1996
bulletin (article)Arai, A.Essential spectrum of a self-adjoint operator on an abstract Hilbert space of Fock type and applications to quantum field Hamiltonians-Hokkaido University Preprint Series in Mathematics-1-Feb-1999
bulletin (article)Arai, A.Factorization of self-adjoint operators by abstract Dirac operators and its application to second quantizations on Boson Fermion Fock spaces-Hokkaido University Preprint Series in Mathematics-1-Dec-1995
bulletin (article)Arai, A.Fundamental properties of the Hamiltonian of a Dirac particle coupled to the quantized radiation field-Hokkaido University Preprint Series in Mathematics-1-Feb-1999
bulletin (article)Arai, A.Gauge theory on a non-simply-connected domain and representations of canonical commutation relations-Hokkaido University Preprint Series in Mathematics-1-Nov-1994
article (author version)Liu, Y.; Zhang, Y.; Cho, Y. T.; Obayashi, Y.; Arai, A.; Tamashiro, H.Gender differences of suicide in Japan, 1947-2010-Journal of affective disorders-Oct-2013
bulletin (article)Arai, A.Ground state of the massless Nelson model without infrared cutoff in a non-Fock representation-Hokkaido University Preprint Series in Mathematics-1-Nov-2000
bulletin (article)Arai, A.; Hirokawa, H.Grounds states of a general class of quantum field Hamiltonians-Hokkaido University Preprint Series in Mathematics-1-May-1999
bulletin (article)Arai, A.Infinite dimensional analysis and analytic number theory-Hokkaido University Preprint Series in Mathematics-1-Feb-1999
bulletin (article)Arai, A.Instability in the spectral and the Fredholm properties of an infinite dimensional Dirac operator on the abstract Boson-Fermion Fock space-Hokkaido University Preprint Series in Mathematics-1-Dec-2000
bulletin (article)Arai, A.A new estimate for the ground state energy of Schrdinger operators-Hokkaido University Preprint Series in Mathematics-1-May-1997
bulletin (article)Arai, A.Non-relativistic limit of a Dirac-Maxwell operator in relativistic quantum electrodynamics-Hokkaido University Preprint Series in Mathematics-Dec-2001
bulletin (article)Arai, A.On self-adjointness of Dirac operators in Boson-Fermion Fock spaces-Hokkaido University Preprint Series in Mathematics-Aug-1993
bulletin (article)Arai, A.; Hirokawa, M.; Hiroshima, F.On the absence of eigenvectors of Hamiltonians in a class of massless quantum field models without infrared cutoff-Hokkaido University Preprint Series in Mathematics-1-Dec-1998
bulletin (article)Arai, A.On the essential spectra of quantum field Hamiltonians-Hokkaido University Preprint Series in Mathematics-1-Sep-1998
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