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bulletin (article)松浦, 清隆; 山谷, 和彦; 阿部, 寛110K相Bi(Pb)-Sr-Ca-Cu-O系超伝導体の作製と超伝導特性Preparation of a Single Phase of Bi(Pb)-Sr-Ca-Cu-O System and the Superconducting Properties北海道大學工學部研究報告Bulletin of the Faculty of Engineering, Hokkaido University31-Oct-1989
article松浦, 清隆; 大参, 達也; 伊藤, 洋一; 工藤, 昌行; 田中, 大史Al-Cu二元系の純金属混合圧粉体の固相焼結中の組織と強度の変化Changes in microstructure and mechanical properties during solid sintering of Al-Cu binary mixed powder compact軽金属Journal of Japan Institute of Light Metals30-Mar-1995
article何, 国偉; 石井, 邦宜; 佐々木, 康; 柏谷, 悦章; 松浦, 清隆Ar熱プラズマ溶解した金属ボタンからの蒸気発生と浴内対流Relationship between Region of Preferential Vaporization and Bath Convection in Ar Arc Plasma Melting鉄と鋼-1-Jan-1998
article (author version)Ohno, Munekazu; Matsuura, KiyotakaDiffusion-controlled peritectic reaction process in carbon steel analyzed by quantitative phase-field simulation-Acta Materialia-Oct-2010
article (author version)Ohno, Munekazu; Maruyama, Masato; Matsuura, KiyotakaExperimental Verification of a Critical Condition for the Formation of As-Cast Coarse Columnar Austenite Grain Structure in a Hyperperitectic Carbon Steel-Metallurgical and materials transactions A-physical metallurgy and materials science-Nov-2015
article松浦, 清隆; 伊藤, 洋一; 成田, 敏夫Fe-0.5%C合金の過冷オーステナイト/フェライト変態に及ぼす加工の影響Effect of Strain on Ferrite Transformation from Super-cooled Austenite in Fe-0.5%C Alloy鉄と鋼-1-Aug-1993
article小原, 裕樹; 工藤, 昌行; 松浦, 清隆FeAl-TiB2系複合材の擬HIP燃焼合成Pseudo-HIP Combustion Synthesis of FeAl-TiB2 Composites鋳造工学-25-Nov-2006
article (author version)Ohno, Munekazu; Tsuchiya, Shingo; Matsuura, KiyotakaFormation conditions of coarse columnar austenite grain structure in peritectic carbon steels by the discontinuous grain growth mechanism-Acta Materialia-Aug-2011
article (author version)Sato, Daisuke; Ohno, Munekazu; Matsuura, KiyotakaPhase-Field Simulations and Analysis of Effect of Dispersed Particles on Migration of Delta to Gamma Transformation Interface-Metallurgical and materials transactions A: physical metallurgy and materials science-1-Feb-2015
article (author version)Ohno, Munekazu; Matsuura, KiyotakaQuantitative phase-field modeling for two-phase solidification process involving diffusion in the solid-Acta Materialia-Oct-2010
article松浦, 清隆; 佐藤, 弘孝; 伊藤, 洋一; 成田, 敏夫SUS310鋼の粒成長過程における3次元粒径分布The Distribution of the Three-dimensional Grain Diameter during the Grain Growth Process of SUS 310 Stainless Steel鉄と鋼-1-Sep-1992
articleOhno, Munekazu; Ohyama, Shinpei; Matsuura, KiyotakaTheoretical and numerical investigations on grain boundary migration due to inverse pinning-Computational materials science-Nov-2013
article小嶋, 桂介; 松浦, 清隆; 大笹, 憲一; 大野, 宗一TiC基超硬合金の燃焼合成と予熱処理による気孔率の変化Combustion synthesis of TiC-based cemented carbide alloy and effect of preheating treatment on porosity軽金属Journal of Japan Institute of Light Metals30-Jan-2009
article松浦, 清隆; 小柳, 貴幸; 大参, 達也; 工藤, 昌行アーク表面合金化によるニオブのアルミナイド被覆Aluminide Coating on Niobium by Arc Surface Alloying日本金属学会誌Journal of the Japan Institute of MetalsSep-2004
article松浦, 清隆; 小柳, 貴幸; 工藤, 昌行; 呉, 長桓; 桐原, 聡秀; 宮本, 欽生アルミナイド系金属間化合物の反応性被覆Reactive Coating of Aluminide Intermetallic Compounds鋳造工学-25-Feb-2003
article松浦, 清隆アルミナイド系金属間化合物の反応接合Reactive Joining of Aluminide-based Intermetallic Compounds鉄と鋼-1-May-2005
article水田, 直気; 松浦, 清隆; 大野, 宗一; 宮本, 欽生; 桐原, 聡秀アルミニウムめっきとアーク表面溶融法を用いたチタン表面へのアルミナイド被覆Titanium aluminide coating on titanium surface using aluminum plating and surface melting軽金属Journal of Japan Institute of Light Metals30-Dec-2008
article大参, 達也; 簔口, 光樹; 工藤, 昌行; 伊藤, 洋一; 松浦, 清隆スラリー・溶湯混合法による半凝固過共晶Al-Si合金の見掛けの粘性挙動Change in apparent viscosity of stirred slurry during production of semi-solid hypereutectic Al-Si alloy by slurry-melt mixing process軽金属Journal of Japan Institute of Light Metals30-Sep-1994
article大参, 達也; 簑口, 光樹; 工藤, 昌行; 伊藤, 洋一; 松浦, 清隆スラリー・溶湯混合法による半凝固過共晶Al-Si合金の初晶Si粒径の制御Control of Primary Silicon Crystal Size of Semi-Solid Hypereutectic Al-Si Alloy by Slurry-Melt Mixing Process日本金属学会誌Journal of the Japan Institute of MetalsNov-1994
article佐々木, 優嘉; 松浦, 清隆; 大笹, 憲一; 大野, 宗一チタンの添加による炭素鋼の鋳造オーステナイト結晶粒の微細化Refinement of As-cast Austenite Grain in Carbon Steel by Addition of Titanium鉄と鋼-25-Nov-2008
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