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Entrainment of Randomly Coupled Oscillator Networks by a Pacemaker

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タイトル: Entrainment of Randomly Coupled Oscillator Networks by a Pacemaker
著者: Kori, Hiroshi 著作を一覧する
Mikhailov, Alexander S. 著作を一覧する
発行日: 2004年
出版者: American Physical Society
誌名: Physical Review Letters
巻: 93
号: 25
開始ページ: 254101
出版社 DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevLett.93.254101
抄録: Entrainment by a pacemaker, representing an element with a higher frequency, is numerically investigated for several classes of random networks which consist of identical phase oscillators. We find that the entrainment frequency window of a network decreases exponentially with its depth, defined as the mean forward distance of the elements from the pacemaker. Effectively, only shallow networks can thus exhibit frequency locking to the pacemaker. The exponential dependence is also derived analytically as an approximation for large random asymmetric networks. ©2004 The American Physical Society
Rights: Copyright © 2004 American Physical Society
資料タイプ: article
出現コレクション:雑誌発表論文等 (Peer-reviewed Journal Articles, etc)

提供者: 郡 宏


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