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Reference data on the anatomy, hematology and biochemistry of 9-month-old silver foxes

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タイトル: Reference data on the anatomy, hematology and biochemistry of 9-month-old silver foxes
著者: ZHAN, Yao-ming 著作を一覧する
YASUDA, Jun 著作を一覧する
TOO, Kimehiko 著作を一覧する
キーワード: growing silver fox
発行日: 1997年 5月30日
出版者: The Graduate School of Veterinary Medicine
誌名: Japanese Journal of Veterinary Research
巻: 45
号: 1
開始ページ: 13
終了ページ: 19
抄録: Anthropometric, anatomical, hematological and biochemical reference values were estimated in clinically healthy male and female 9-month-old silver foxes. The coefficients of variation of anthropometric and anatomical measurements for 9-month-old silver foxes were as low as previously reported for adult foxes. However, in relation to body size, all measurements were smaller. Compared with adult silver foxes, higher values were observed in serum levels of triglyceride, phospholipid, β-lipoprotein, blood urea nitrogen and total protein. Similarly, higher levels were obtained for serum enzymes, especially aspartate aminotransferase (AST), lactate dehydrogenase (LDH) and creatine kinase (CK). The high levels of these serum enzymes may be due to handling stress. Inorganic phosphorus and calcium concentrations in the young foxes were also high. The alkaline phosphatase (ALP) level, reflecting the level of bone growth, was higher than that of adults. Biochemical values of β-lipoprotein, glucose and calcium in male 9-month-old silver foxes were lower than those of females, whereas those of total cholesterol, total protein, fructosamine, iron, albumin and β-globulin were higher.
資料タイプ: bulletin
出現コレクション:Volume 45, Number 1


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