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Vol.10-2 : [7]

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bulletinWANG, Huimei; ZU, Yuangang; LIU, HongmeiEfficient Rooting and Root Development after Transfer of Regenerated Plantlets of Camptotheca acuminate-Eurasian Journal of Forest Research-2007年12月
bulletinLARIONOVA, Albina Ya; EKART, Alexander K; KRAVCHENKO, Anna NGenetic Diversity and Population Structure of Siberian fir (Abies sibirica LEDEB.) in Middle Siberia, Russia-Eurasian Journal of Forest Research-2007年12月
bulletinWang, Wenjie; Wang, Huimei; Zu, Yuangang; Yu, Jinghua; Koike, TakayoshiPhotosynthetic Characteristics of Regenerated Plantlets of Camptotheca acuminata as a Diagnostic for Tissue Cultured Plantlets in Acclimatization in Field Growth-Eurasian Journal of Forest Research-2007年12月
bulletinANTONOVA, Galina F; VARAKSINA, Tamara N; STASOVA, Victoria VThe Differences in the Lignification of Earlywood and Latewood in Larch (Larix sibirica Ldb.)-Eurasian Journal of Forest Research-2007年12月
bulletinKHARUK, Viacheslav; RANSON, Kenneth; DVINSKAYA, MariaEvidence of Evergreen Conifer Invasion into Larch Dominated Forests During Recent Decades in Central Siberia-Eurasian Journal of Forest Research-2007年12月
bulletinSUVOROVA, Galina G; YANKOVA, Ludmila S; KOPYTOVA, Lidia D; FILIPPOVA, Alexandra KProposal of the Environmental Resource Utilization Coefficient (ERUC) : A Tool for Characterizing the Conditions for High Photosynthetic Activity in Conifers in Siberia, Russia-Eurasian Journal of Forest Research-2007年12月
bulletinOBASE, Keisuke; TAMAI, Yutaka; YAJIMA, Takashi; MIYAMOTO, ToshizumiMorphological Characteristics of Ectomycorrhizas Found in Willow and Poplar Seedlings Established in the Area Devastated by the Volcanic Eruption of Mt.Usu,Hokkaido,Japan in 2000-Eurasian Journal of Forest Research-2007年12月
検索結果表示: 1 - 7 / 7


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