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国際シンポジウム「気候変動による地域固有システムへの影響」(International Symposium on The Impact of Climate Change on Region Specific Systems) : [10]

主催:北海道大学グローバルCOE "統合フィールド環境科学の教育研究拠点形成"

Organizer: Hokkaido University Global COE Program "Establishment of Center for Integrated Field Environmental Science"


As the IPCC Fourth Assessment Report describes it, a clearer picture has emerged of the prospective impact of global warming, such as climate change and influence on global ecosystems. On the other hand, regions have geo-specific systems such as water cycles and ecosystems, and the impact of global climate change on these elements combined with local human activity are not necessarily apparent. This symposium aims to discuss the sustainability of such geo-specific systems from local perspectives with the attending overseas and domestic experts in global climate change and ecosystem change, and to put together recommendations for related research and implementation.

Related workshop: Follow up workshop on region specific systems and activity in overseas research & student exchange promotion office

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conference presentationYamanaka, YasuhiroIntroduction to Global COE Program "Establishment of Center for Integrated Field Environmental Science (IFES)" by Graduate School of Environmental Science with Dev. Env. Res., GS Agriculture in Hokkaido Univ. and National Inst. of Env. Studies (NIES) in FY 2009-2013---2009年11月 6日
conference presentationEmori, SeitaGlobal Climate Projections with Relevance to Regional Climate and Impact Analysis---2009年11月 6日
conference presentationSato, TomonoriProjected changes of hydrological cycle in Northern Eurasia and maritime continent---2009年11月 6日
conference presentationHatano, RyusukeNecessity of research and education for tropical peatland management---2009年11月 6日
conference presentationSumawinata, BasukiCharacteristics and Current Issues of Tropical Peatlands in Indonesia---2009年11月 6日
conference presentationFeddema, JohannesIncorporating Human Activities in Global Climate Models---2009年11月 6日
conference presentationMaximov, TrofimPermafrost-dominated Ecosystems in a Changing Climate---2009年11月 6日
conference presentationBagan, Hasi; Yamagata, YoshikiLand cover/land use mapping and change detection in Mongolian plateau using remote sensing data---2009年11月 6日
conference presentationUrtnasan, MandakhPasture condition of the dry steppe in Mongolia : Case study of Altanbulag soum, Tov province, MongoliaCharacteristics of vegetation cover in Dry Steppe zone : case study of Altanbulag soum, Tov aimag, Mongolia--2009年11月 6日
conference presentation-Discussion---2009年11月 6日
検索結果表示: 1 - 10 / 10


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