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サステナビリティ・ウィーク2009 オープニングシンポジウム:北海道大学「持続可能な開発」国際シンポジウム ~持続可能なグローバル社会に向けた5課題解決への提言~  >

Roles of the Urban University in Pursuit of Sustainability

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タイトル: Roles of the Urban University in Pursuit of Sustainability
その他のタイトル: サステナビリティ実現に向けた取り組みにおける都市大学の役割
著者: Wiewel, Wim 著作を一覧する
発行日: 2009年11月 2日
引用: Sustainability Weeks 2009 Opening Symposium "International Symposium on Sustainable Development -Recommendations for Tackling the 5 Challenges of Global Sustainability-". Opening Ceremony. 2 November 2009. Sapporo, Japan.
抄録: Portland State University (PSU) faculty, students, and staff integrate sustainability into teaching, research, and campus projects, many of which are conducted in collaboration with business, community, and public entities. PSU President Wim Wiewel will offer his observations on how the "triple bottom line" approach to sustainability can inform this work, how to build collaborations locally and globally, and how to focus these efforts to attain the greatest results.
記述: Keynote Speech
資料タイプ: conference presentation
出現コレクション:サステナビリティ・ウィーク2009 オープニングシンポジウム:北海道大学「持続可能な開発」国際シンポジウム ~持続可能なグローバル社会に向けた5課題解決への提言~ (Sustainability Weeks 2009 Opening Symposium)


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