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Isolation and characterization of two types of β-1,3-glucanases from the common sea hare Aplysia kurodai

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タイトル: Isolation and characterization of two types of β-1,3-glucanases from the common sea hare Aplysia kurodai
著者: Kumagai, Yuya 著作を一覧する
Ojima, Takao 著作を一覧する
キーワード: sea hare
発行日: 2010年 2月
出版者: Elsevier
誌名: Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology. Part B, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
巻: 155
号: 2
開始ページ: 138
終了ページ: 144
出版社 DOI: 10.1016/j.cbpb.2009.10.013
抄録: Two types of β-1,3-glucanases, AkLam36 and AkLam33 with the molecular masses of 36 kDa and 33 kDa, respectively, were isolated from the digestive fluid of the common sea hare Aplysia kurodai. AkLam36 was regarded as an endolytic enzyme (EC degrading laminarin and laminarioligosaccharides to laminaritriose, laminaribiose, and glucose, while AkLam33 was regarded as an exolytic enzyme (EC directly producing glucose from polymer laminarin. AkLam36 showed higher activity toward β-1,3-glucans with a few β-1,6-linked glucose branches such as Laminaria digitata laminarin (LLam) than highly branched β-1,3-glucans such as Eisenia bicyclis laminarin (ELam). AkLam33 showed moderate activity toward both ELam and LLam and high activity toward smaller substrates such as laminaritetraose and laminaritriose. Although both enzymes did not degrade laminaribiose as a sole substrate, they were capable of degrading it via transglycosylation reaction with laminaritriose. The N-terminal amino-acid sequences of AkLam36 and AkLam33 indicated that both enzymes belong to the glycosyl hydrolase family 16 like other molluscan β-1,3-glucanases.
資料タイプ: article (author version)
出現コレクション:雑誌発表論文等 (Peer-reviewed Journal Articles, etc)

提供者: 尾島 孝男


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