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Sustainability in Health Condition of the People Living in Rural Province of Zambia

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タイトル: Sustainability in Health Condition of the People Living in Rural Province of Zambia
著者: Kon, Sayuri 著作を一覧する
Kubo, Harutaka 著作を一覧する
発行日: 2010年10月24日
引用: 第2回北海道大学サステナビリティ学生研究ポスターコンテスト = The Second Hokkaido University Sustainability Research Poster Contest. 平成22年10月24日(日) - 11月5日(金). 北海道大学学術交流会館, 札幌市.
抄録: In Zambia, located in southern part of Africa, drought is frequently happened in dry season but recently heavy rainfall seriously damages crops in rainy season. Life of the people depending on farming are liable to be greatly affected by environmental change, which decrease provision of food, furthermore it affects their nutritional and health conditions. We have conducted longitudinal body measurements for the people living in rural villages to reveal the variation of nutritional status which reflects environmental change. In this summer, we stayed with villagers for two months to conduct dietary and physical activity surveys to know their energy balance and dietary consumption. We can detect factors related with nutritional variations by examining what types and how much amount of food villagers actually eat and how they actually work. Moreover they will be useful in understanding how the people are living in rugged environment maintain their health condition.
資料タイプ: conference presentation
出現コレクション:第2回北海道大学サステナビリティ学生研究ポスターコンテスト (The Second Hokkaido University Sustainability Research Poster Contest)

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