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Influence of winter and summer surface wind anomalies on summer Arctic sea ice extent

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タイトル: Influence of winter and summer surface wind anomalies on summer Arctic sea ice extent
著者: Ogi, Masayo 著作を一覧する
Yamazaki, Koji 著作を一覧する
Wallace, John M. 著作を一覧する
発行日: 2010年 4月 2日
出版者: American Geophysical Union
誌名: Geophysical Research Letters
巻: 37
開始ページ: L07701
出版社 DOI: 10.1029/2009GL042356
抄録: Based on a statistical analysis incorporating 925‐hPa wind fields from the NCEP/NCAR Reanalyses, it is shown that the combined effect of winter and summer wind forcing accounts for 50% of the variance of the change in September Arctic sea ice extent from one year to the next (ΔSIE) and it also explains roughly 1/3 of the downward linear trend of SIE over the past 31 years. In both seasons meridional wind anomalies to the north and east of Greenland are correlated with September SIE, presumably because they modulate the export of ice through Fram Strait. Anticyclonic wind anomalies over the Beaufort Sea during summer favor low September SIE and have contributed to the record-low values in recent summers, perhaps by enhancing the flux of ice toward Fram Strait in the trans-polar drift.
Rights: Copyright 2010 by the American Geophysical Union.
資料タイプ: article
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