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Chomsky-Schützenberger-Type Characterization of Multiple Context-Free Languages

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タイトル: Chomsky-Schützenberger-Type Characterization of Multiple Context-Free Languages
著者: 吉仲, 亮 著作を一覧する
発行日: 2011年 6月
出版者: ERATO湊離散構造処理系プロジェクト
引用: 2010年度科学技術振興機構ERATO湊離散構造処理系プロジェクト講究録. p.13-26.
抄録: It is a well-known theorem by Chomsky and Sch¨tzenberger (1963) that every contextfree language can be represented as a homomorphic image of the intersection of a Dyck language and a regular language. This paper gives a Chomsky-Sch¨tzenberger-type characterization for multiple context-free languages, which are a natural extension of context-free languages, with introducing the notion of multiple Dyck languages, which also are a generalization of Dyck languages.
記述: ERATOセミナ2010 : No.3. 2010年6月4日
資料タイプ: conference presentation


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