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New Phylogenetic Proposal for the Family Leptoscopidae (Perciformes: Trachinoidei)

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タイトル: New Phylogenetic Proposal for the Family Leptoscopidae (Perciformes: Trachinoidei)
著者: Odani, Kenji 著作を一覧する
Imamura, Hisashi 著作を一覧する
キーワード: Leptoscopidae
Sister group
発行日: 2011年12月26日
出版者: 北海道大学大学院水産科学研究院
誌名: 北海道大学水産科学研究彙報 = Bulletin of Fisheries Sciences, Hokkaido University
巻: 61
号: 2/3
開始ページ: 49
終了ページ: 63
抄録: Examination of taxa closely related to the family Leptoscopidae resulted in 61 apomorphic characters recognized within the family, based on morphological comparisons with the suborder Percoidei, the following being determined as autapomorphic for the former: U-shaped arrangement of infraorbitals; dermosphenotic fused with sphenotic; laminar process present on dorsal surface of ethmoid; medially-directed palatine process; and adductor mandibulae section A1 with two tendons inserted laterally and medially onto maxilla. In addition, presence of the rectus dorsalis 3 muscle (rare among Perciformes), is also considered to support leptoscopid monophyly. The trachinoid family Creediidae was the inferred sister group of Leptoscopidae, based on the sharing of 43 apomorphies, including two rare perciform characters (absence of pterosphenoid and presence of rectus dorsalis 2). It was also inferred that Leptoscopidae plus Creediidae form a monophyletic group with Trichonotidae and the percophid subfamily Hemerocoetinae, an inference supported by 17 apomorphies, including four rare characters found in only several perciform taxa (ligament present between lower jaw and hyoid arch, ectopterygoid rod-like, ligament present between posttemporal and epiotic, and pelvic bone anterior cartilages fused), although the taxa most closely-related to the group have not yet been determined.
資料タイプ: bulletin (article)
出現コレクション:第61巻 第2/3号


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