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Effects of drug discontinuation after short-term daily alendronate administration on osteoblasts and osteocytes in mice

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タイトル: Effects of drug discontinuation after short-term daily alendronate administration on osteoblasts and osteocytes in mice
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キーワード: Bisphosphonates
発行日: 2016年 9月
出版者: Springer
誌名: Histochemistry and cell biology
巻: 146
号: 3
開始ページ: 337
終了ページ: 350
出版社 DOI: 10.1007/s00418-016-1450-7
抄録: In order to determine whether osteoclastic bone resorption is restarted after withdrawn of bisphosphonates, we conducted histological examinations on murine osteoclasts, osteoblasts and osteocytes after discontinuation of a daily regimen of alendronate (ALN) with a dosage of 1 mg/kg/day for 10 days. After drug discontinuation, metaphyseal trabecular number and bone volume remained unaltered for the first 4 days. Osteoclast number did not increase, while the number of apoptotic osteoclasts was elevated. On the other hand, tissue non-specific alkaline phosphatase-immunoreactive area was markedly reduced after ALN discontinuation. In addition, osteocytes showed an atrophic profile with empty lacunar areas during and after ALN treatment. Interestingly, as early as 36 h after a single ALN injection, osteocytes show signs of atrophy despite the presence of active osteoblasts. Structured illumination microscopy system showed shortening of osteocytic cytoplasmic processes after drug cessation, suggesting a possible morphological and functional disconnection between osteocytes and osteoblasts. Taken together, it appears that osteoclastic bone resorption is not resumed after ALN discontinuation; also, osteoblasts and osteocytes hardly seem to recover once they are inactivated and atrophied by ALN. In summary, it seems that one must pay more attention to the responses of osteoblasts and osteocytes, rather focusing on the resuming of osteoclastic bone resorption after the ALN discontinuation.
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