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Beyond the Navier-de Gennes paradigm : slip inhibition on ideal substrates

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タイトル: Beyond the Navier-de Gennes paradigm : slip inhibition on ideal substrates
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発行日: 2017年 8月11日
出版者: Cornell University Library
開始ページ: 1708.03420v1
抄録: Hydrodynamic slip of a liquid at a solid surface represents a fundamental phenomenon in fluid dynamics that governs liquid transport at small scales. For polymeric liquids, de Gennes predicted that the Navier boundary condition together with the theory of polymer dynamics imply extraordinarily large interfacial slip for entangled polymer melts on ideal surfaces; this prediction was confirmed using dewetting experiments on ultra-smooth, low-energy substrates. Here, we use capillary leveling -- surface tension driven flow of films with initially non-uniform thickness -- of polymeric films on these same substrates. Measurement of the slip length from a robust one-parameter fit to a lubrication model is achieved. We show that at the lower shear rates involved in leveling experiments as compared to dewetting ones, the employed substrates can no longer be considered ideal. The data is instead consistent with physical adsorption of polymer chains at the solid/liquid interface. We extend the Navier-de Gennes description using one additional parameter, namely the density of physically adsorbed chains per unit surface. The resulting model is found to be in excellent agreement with the experimental observations.
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