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Species of the Genus Eudendrium from Japan. (With 15 text figures)

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タイトル: Species of the Genus Eudendrium from Japan. (With 15 text figures)
著者: Yamada, Mayumi 著作を一覧する
発行日: 1954年 2月
出版者: Akkeshi Marine Biological Station
誌名: Publications from the Akkeshi Marine Biological Station
巻: 2
開始ページ: 2
終了ページ: 19
抄録: Beginning with the report of Inaba (1890) the species of hydroid genus Eudendrium from Japan were studied by Stechow (1909, 1913) and Jaderholm (1919). In 1923 Stechow enumerated the following five species of the genus Eudendrium in his list of hydroid-fauna in the Japanese waters: Eudendrium capillare Alder vaginatum Eudendrium Allman Eudendrium arrnstrongi Stechow Eudendrium rameum (Pallas) Eudendrium racemosum (Gmelin) Since that time, the species of Eudendrium were treated three times; the first time by Fraser (1935) who described his new species E. biseriale from the specimens in Sagami Bay, the other times by Leloup (1938) and by the present writer (1950), in both cases E. capillare was reported. Recently the writer has had the opportunity to examine examples of Eudendrium collected from several localities in Japan, and found among them 15 different species of this genus, including 6 new species. The following is the list of the species treated in the present report: 1) Eudendrium annulatum Norman 2) Eudendrium boreale n. sp. 3) Eudendrium insigne Hincks 4) Eudendrium racernosum (Gmelin) 5) Eudendrium magnificurn n. sp. 6) Eudendrium rarneurn (Pallas) 7) Eudendrium imperiale n. sp. 8) Eudendrium ramosum (Linne) 9) Eudendrium japonicurn n. sp. 10) Eudendrium lineale n. sp. 11) Eudendrium laxum Allman 12) Eudendrium sagaminum n. sp. 18) Eudendrium biseriale Fraser 14) Eudendrium capillare Alder 15) Eudendrium tenellum Allman Of five species listed by Stechow (1923), E. armstrongi Stechow and E. vaginatum Allman did not be treated in this report, for the materials of these two species did not come to the writer's hand. Before going further, the writer wishes to acknowledge his indebtedness to Dr. Hirotaro Hattori of the Biological Laboratory, Imperial Palace, Tokyo, in allowing to place many specimens of that Laboratory at the writer's disposal. Thanks are due to Prof. Tohru Uchida, who gave most valuable suggestions and kind encouragement during this study.
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