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On Three New Species of Cumacea, Crustacea, from Akkeshi Bay

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タイトル: On Three New Species of Cumacea, Crustacea, from Akkeshi Bay
著者: GAMO, Sigeo 著作を一覧する
発行日: 1965年 2月
出版者: Akkeshi Marine Biological Station
誌名: Publications from the Akkeshi Marine Biological Station
巻: 14
開始ページ: 2
終了ページ: 21
抄録: Three new species of Cumacea, Bodotria ovalis, B. serrulata and Cumella quadrispinosa described herein, were obtained from the collection of the cumaceans made by myself at Akkeshi Bay during the 15th to 20th of August in 1963 (Fig. 1)*. Before going further I have to express my gratitude to Professor Tune Sakai for his kind guidance. I must also tender my thanks to Professor Masao Iwasa of the Seikei University and to Professor Huzio Utinomi of the Seto Marine Biological Laboratory of the Kyoto University for their invaluable advice. I want to express my heartily thanks to Professor Atsuhiko Ichikawa and Professor Mayumi Yamada of the Hokkaido University for their kindness in giving me an opportunity of performing the study. My thanks are also due to Dr. Fumio Iwata and Mr. Zen Nagao, the marine biologists of the Akkeshi Marine Bilogical Station and other staff of the Station for their kind help rendered me in collecting the materials.
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