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Saptio-temporal velocity variability of Eastern Karakoram Glaciers observed by ALOS-1/2 data

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タイトル: Saptio-temporal velocity variability of Eastern Karakoram Glaciers observed by ALOS-1/2 data
その他のタイトル: ALOS1/2データで観測された東カラコルム山脈の氷河流動速度の時空間変動
著者: Usman, Muhammad 著作を一覧する
発行日: 2018年 9月25日
抄録: Unlike in most other regions, Karakoram glaciers are either stable or advancing, a phenomenon known as the Karakoram anomaly. Despite studies of glacier surges and the derivation of surface velocity maps, the spatio-temporal variability of glacier dynamics still remains poorly understood, particularly in the Eastern Karakoram Range. We use Advanced Land Observing Satellite/The Phased Array type L-band Synthetic Aperture Radar (ALOS/PALSAR)-1/2 data from 2007–2011 and 2014–2015 to examine detailed surface velocity patterns of the Siachen, Baltoro, Kundos, Singkhu, and Gasherbrum glaciers. The first three glaciers show considerable velocity variability (20–350 m a-1), with clear seasonal patterns. Although all glaciers, except for Baltoro, flow slowest in 2015, the velocity structures are individual and vary in space and time. In Gasherbrum Glacier, peak surge-phase velocities are seasonally modulated, with maxima in summers 2006 and 2007, suggesting surface melt plays an important role in maintaining the active phase. Given the relatively close proximity of these glaciers we assume that surface melt timing and rates are comparable. We therefore argue that the observed spatio-temporal and inter-annual velocity patterns are determined by local and internal mechanisms, including englacial and subglacial hydrology, thermal processes and tributary configuration of each individual glacier.
学位授与機関: 北海道大学
学位の報告番号: 甲第13317号
取得学位の種別: 博士
取得学位の分野: 理学
取得学位の審査委員: (主査) 教授 古屋 正人, 教授 日置 幸介, 准教授 高田 陽一郎, 教授 杉山 慎 (低温科学研究所)
学位審査の研究科等: 理学院(自然史科学専攻)
資料タイプ: theses (doctoral)
出現コレクション:理学院(Graduate School of Science)
博士 (理学)


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