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Vol.15 No.3 : [7]

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bulletinKono, HiromichiBeiträge zur Curculionidenfauna von Mandschukuo. 1. (Attelabinae, Apoderinae und Rhynchitinae)-Insecta matsumurana-1941年 3月
bulletinTakahashi, HirosiNotes on some Species of the Genus Culicoides from Manchoukuo with Description of a new Species (Ceratopogonidae, Diptera)-Insecta matsumurana-1941年 3月
bulletinTakahashi, HirosiDescription of a new Species of Simuliidae from Nippon, with other Notes-Insecta matsumurana-1941年 3月
bulletinTokunaga, MasaakiBiting Midges from Manchuria (Ceratopogonidae, Diptera)-Insecta matsumurana-1941年 3月
bulletinYasumatu, KeizoA new Species of the Genus Ibalia from Formosa (Hym., Cynipidae)-Insecta matsumurana-1941年 3月
bulletinWatanabe, ChihisaDescriptions of Three New Species of Aphidius Parasitic on Some Aphids of Coniferous Trees (Taxonmic Notes on Aphidiidae of Japan, 3)-Insecta matsumurana-1941年 3月
bulletinUchida, ToichiBaiträge zur Systematik der Tribus Polysphinctini Japans-Insecta matsumurana-1941年 3月
検索結果表示: 1 - 7 / 7


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