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Contact the helpline

about publishing your doctoral dissertation in HUSCAP

Candidates, who intend to be conferred a doctoral degree after April 2013, are required to deposit their doctoral dissertation in HUSCAP.

If you have any questions or any problems with making your work openly available online via HUSCAP, the helpline can provide you with assistance.

If you published an article in a scholarly journal and included it in your dissertation, or you are planning to publish your dissertation as a book or as a scholarly article, you must confirm the publisher's policy regarding this matter.

HUSCAP Helpline

E-mail: huscap [at]

When inquiring

When inquiring, please inform us the following details:

  • The inquiry is about...(please select the appropriate one below)
    • Planning to publish
    • To use an article accepted for publication or published in a scholarly journal in its entirety
    • To use part of an article accepted for publication or published in a scholarly journal
    • Planning to submit a paper to a scholarly journal
    • Other questions about copyright that are not covered above
    • Other questions
  • For inquiring regarding publication or scholarly journals, please let us know the name of the publishing company, the name of the journal, etc.

Q&A on Publication of Doctoral Dissertations in HUSCAP

Following are frequently asked questions in the helpline.


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