Eurasian journal of forest research

Vol.1    (2000-10 issued)


Forest Ecosystems of the Cryolithic Zone of Siberia:Regional Features, Mechanisms of Stability and Pyrogenic Changes PDF
Abaimov, A. P.;Zyryanova, O. A.;Prokushkin, S. G.;Koike, T.;Matsuura, Y. 1-10


Effects of Site Preparation on the Regeneration of Larch Dominant Forests after a Forest Fire in the Daxinganling Mountain Region, Northeast China PDF
Shi, Fuchen;Zu, Yuangang;Suzuki, K.;Yamamoto, S.;Nomura, M.;Sasa, K. 11-17
Soil Respiration Rate on the Contrasting North- and South-Facing Slopes of a Larch Forest in Central Siberia PDF
Yanagihara, Y.;Koike, T.;Matsuura, Y.;Mori, S.;Shibata, H.;Satoh, F.;Masuyagina, O. V.;Zyryanova, O. A.;Prokushkin, A. S.;Prokushkin, S. G.;Abaimov, A. P. 19-29
Photosynthetic Characteristics of Dahurian Larch, Scotch Pine and White Birch Seedlings Native to Eastern Siberia Raised Under Elevated CO2 PDF
Koike, T.;Yazaki, K.;Funada, R.;Kitao, M.;Maruyama, Y.;Takahashi, K.;Maximov, T. C.;Ivanov, B. I. 31-37
Life cycle of masu salmon (Oncorhynchus masou) in Shumarinai Lake, northern Hokkaido, Japan PDF
Tamate, T.;Maekawa, K. 39-42
Chemical Constituents of Inonotus obliquus Ⅰ.:A new triterpene, 3β-hydroxy-8,24-dien-lanosta-21,23-lactone from sclerotium PDF
Shin, Yusoo;Tamai, Y.;Terazawa, M. 43-50

Zonal Peculiarities of Forest Vegetation Controlled by Fires in Northern Siberia PDF
Sofronov, M. A.;Volokitina, A. V.;Kajimoto, T.;Matsuura, Y.;Uemura, S. 51-57